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• National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO)
• National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) is a National level organization set up under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
• Storm: foreign patients who are waiting for a donor heart transplant are being prioritized over Indian patients by private hospitals in Chennai
• The initial kick-start and continuing efforts have made Tamil Nadu the undisputed leader in organ donation in India.
• Every country goes through an evolution process in terms of organ donation, and this is different for each organ.

• Until five years ago, results of heart and lung transplantation were dismal in India.
• Waiting lists for heart transplantation are still small, and in such a situation while a donor liver or kidney can be immediately matched to a suitable Indian patient, this is not always possible for a heart or lungs.
• Current practice: allocating an organ to a foreigner when there is no suitable Indian patient, one-third of all hearts and lungs are still not being used due to “lack of a suitable recipient”.
• While a kidney can be preserved for 12-18 hours and a liver for 8-12 hours, hearts and lungs should be transplanted within six hours, otherwise outcomes are likely to be poor.
• Organ donation is based on public trust that due process is being followed.
• If donation and the allocation of each organ can be tracked, that will be a strong deterrent to mischief.
• When a family agrees for organ donation, they are making a decision to be generous to some unknown person in the midst of a great personal crisis.
• Even in highly developed countries, donation rates drop temporarily when news of suspicious practices surfaces.
• A reduction in donation rate will affect patients waiting for organs as each donor can save up to seven lives.

The spirit of Sentosa

• With a mix of authoritarianism, holding out nuclear threats and irrational
behavior, three generations of Kims held the world to ransom while successive U.S.
Presidents followed a carrot and stick approach to keep things within
manageable limits.

• There is nothing in the document which was not agreed in 1994 and 2005.
• Though it is a four-point document, in actual fact it is nothing more than a
declaration of intent.

• Crucial issues such as denuclearize and a guarantee of security remain
• There is no time frame either for any of the proposals.
• The person who should get the Nobel was not on Sentosa.
• Mr. Moon has an impeccable record of integrity, poise and sincerity.
• He brought the warring sides together.

Power crisis

• The Aam Aadmi Party government has a history of confrontation with
the Centre on the question of who is the administrative head of a
region that is less than a State and more than a Union Territory.
• Constitutional limits of the powers of the elected government.
• Differences extend to the LG’s discretionary powers to appoint the
Chief Secretary.
• Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash was assaulted
• The dharnas might end, but the underlying causes of the present crisis
will not disappear without the Centre and the Delhi government
agreeing on the terms of engagement through the office of the Lt. Governor.

Crass framing

• Unplanned pregnancy is a huge and common problem.
• When abortion services are provided by qualified
personnel in appropriate settings it is one of the safest
medical procedures known.
• Yet, in India many women die every day and hundreds
undergo life-threatening complications trying to seek
abortions simply because of the lack of access at the
last mile.
• Cultural stigmatisation of abortion
• The decision to continue or end a pregnancy is a
woman’s to make, and lies firmly within her right to privacy.

Acres of contention

• Indian judiciary doesn’t seem to fully appreciate the economic
consequences of its judgments.
• Through bad judgments, the judiciary has failed not only to protect
the legitimate rights of owners, but also to provide economic justice
enshrined in Article 38 of the Constitution.
• Moreover, the government authority should be held accountable for
dereliction of duty in not raising and settling the issue with the help
of experts.
• The adjudication process can serve as a public good.
Important News
• Children ‘capture’ wildlife with camera
• CJI Misra has to name his successor: Law
• Road map laid for India-U.S. meet
• Arab group wants India on board in Yemen
• India, Italy agree to revitalise bilateral ties
• Envoy lists steps to boost ties
• ‘Exclusion of Indian students from visa reform amounts to self-harm’
• Jaitley against cut in tax on fuels
• Govt. to set up fifth national data centre
1. With reference to induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) consider the
below given statements
1. The pioneer of iPSC technology is Shinya Yamanaka
2. In the field of regenerative medicine pluripotent stem cells hold promise.
Choose the correct option
A. Only 1
B. Only 2
C. Both 1 and 2
D. Neither 1 nor 2
2. From the below given list identify the term ‘nosocomial infections’ refer
1. Any chronic ailment that occurs because of work or occupation.
2. An infection that is acquired in a health care facility or hospital.
3. Due to indoor air pollution acquire an infection.
4. Due to mercury contaminated water acquire an infection.
1. From the below given statements regarding Bird Flu.
1. Bird flu is caused by viruses and bacteria.
2. India has declared itself free from it.
3. Bird Flu can be a reason to restrict imports via sanitary and
phytosanitary measures.
Choose the correct option
A. Only 1 and 3
B. Only 3
C. Only 2 and 3
D. All of above
2. With reference to about APEC consider the below given statements
1. APEC headquartere is in Singapore.
2. APEC One of member is India.
3. APEC Summit-2018 will be held in Papua New Guinea
Choose the correct option
A. Only 1 and 3
B. Only 2
C. All of above
D. Only 1

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