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Power crisis

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 The standoff(गतिरोध) in Delhi has placed everyone in a bad light
 The immediate provocation for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sitting on a dharna at the
residence of the Lt. Governor
 Crisis is rooted in the understanding (or misunderstanding) of the constitutional limits of the
powers of the elected government in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.
 The Aam Aadmi Party government has a history of confrontation with the Centre on the
question of who is the administrative head of a region that is less than a State and more
than a Union Territory.
 In 2015- came to power, the demand for Delhi-
 Full fledged State
 Allowing it powers over the police
 Chief Secretary was assaulted during a late-night meeting in Mr. Kejriwal’s presence.
 Since then, officials have been in a non cooperative mode, only attending statutory meetings
, skipping what they term are “routine” meetings and not taking phone calls from Ministers.


 Mr. Kejriwal and his Cabinet colleagues decided on the dharna in protest, but instead of
forcing a solution, they may have precipitated a crisis.
 Members of the BJP responded with a dharna at the Chief Minister’s residence
 Dharnas might end, but the underlying causes of the present crisis will not disappear without
the Centre and the Delhi government agreeing on the terms of engagement through the office
of the Lt. Governor
 The BJP cannot mock Mr. Kejriwal out of politics; the Centre will have to deal with him,
and work jointly with the AAP government for the welfare of Delhi’s citizens something
it has failed to do
 AAP- Should learn to make the best of system before demanding more autonomy.
 To push the constitutional limits to acquire more meaningful powers is fine,
 But it cannot be at the cost of failing to do whatever is possible within the current framework.

Heart of the matter

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 We must publicize the full information on organ allocations to secure public trust in the donation process
 Thousands of lives have been saved through organ donation.
 National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) claiming that foreign patients
who are waiting for a donor heart transplant are being prioritised over Indian patients by
private hospitals in Chennai
 Organ donation rate in Tamil Nadu is over 10 times greater than most of the northern
States, there is a lot of work to be done to achieve the West’s donation rates
 While a kidney can be preserved for 12-18 hours and a liver for 8-12 hours, hearts and lungs
should be transplanted within six hours, otherwise outcomes are likely to be poor.
 So while sharing of livers and kidneys across the country is possible, it is very difficult as
far as hearts and lungs are concerned, considering the size of our country
 Organ donation is based on public trust
 He process should be made more transparent and accessible to the public.


Acres of contention(तििाद)

 The judiciary doesn’t seem to fully appreciate the economic consequences of its judgments
 The number of legal disputes involving property, contract, labour, tax and corporate laws
is bound to increase with an expanding economy.
 Judicial findings also influence decision-making of government agencies, which are major act
ors in a developing economy.
 Yet, the Indian judiciary doesn’t seem to fully appreciate the economic consequences
of its judgments.
 Several infrastructure projects are being held up due to judicial interventions in the
bidding process.
 Courts should realise that the quality of infrastructure assets and the technical capability
of contractors to deliver them are serious issues
 Rather than setting aside an explicit contract term, the court should have ordered a
transparent implementation mechanism.
 By clarifying the law it can reduce legal uncertainty- This in turn reduces legal disputes and
costs associated with investments and other economic decisions.

The spirit of Sentosa

 South Korean President Moon Jae­in’s skillful diplomacy is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize- Real peace maker.
 Three festering situations which guarantee this Nobel for anyone are
 Korea,  Palestine and  Kashmir
 The outcome, on June 12, Crucial issues such as denuclearize on and a guarantee of security remain undefined.
 Nobel for Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim- But they are unworthy of the honor if one is to go by their past records.
 Person who should get the Nobel was not on Sentosa.
 Even if peace eludes(fail) the Korean Peninsula for some time, Mr. Moon’s skillful diplomacy should not go unrewarded.

Is data science the same as statistics?

 The confusion continues till date- According to an IBM report, 2.5 quintillion
bytes of data are created per day.
 This has created a new class of professionals — data scientists
 Data have always played a major role in scientific developments and growth of knowledge
 Historically, science has been data-driven.
 What has changed is that with the Internet, there is more data available now.
 Statistics, according to American Statistical Association, is the “science of learning from data”.
 Statistics is a data-driven science, but it focuses on developing theories based on data insights.
 So there is huge scope of confusing data science with statistics.

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

 Page-1-Chanda Kochhar to go on leave till probe gets over
 Remains MD & CEO; Sandeep Bakhshi, COO, to run ICICI Bank in the interim

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

 Page-1-CJI Misra has to name his successor: Law Minister
 Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Monday that the Centre’s intention on
the appointment of the next Chief Justice of India (CJI) should not be doubted
as the sitting CJI had to forward the name of his successor.
 Next senior-most judge, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, as the CJI when Justice Dipak
Misra retires on October 2.
 Forces in J&K given a free hand: Rajnath Singh

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

 Chinese envoy for trilateral with India, Pak.
 India should join a “trilateral” mechanism with China and Pakistan, the Chinese
Ambassador to India said on Monday, suggesting that the idea for a trilateral meeting
on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) had come
from Indian officials or experts.
 India, Italy agree to revitalise bilateral ties
 Road map laid for India-U.S. meet
Experts to allay Indian concerns on defense pacts ahead of July’s 2+2 dialogue
Ministers for External Affairs and Defence
 Jaitley against cut in tax on fuels

Map Practice

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Last Day- Q’s- Answers…

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