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Adam Bede

  • A novel by George Eliot
  • Published in 1859
  • Eliot led a scandalous life

  • The action takes place at the close of 18th century
  • Hetty Sorrel= pretty, vain and self centred + niece of the genial farmer MARTIN POYSER Hetty Sorrel is loved by ADAM BEDE
  • Adam Bede= the village carpenter
  • Hetty Sorrel is deluded by the attentions of the thoughtless young squire- ARTHUR DONNITHORNE and is seduced by him, in spite of Adam’s efforts to save her
  • Arthur Donnithorne breaks off relations with her and Hetty is Broken hearted Hetty who is broken hearted agrees to marry Adam But before the marriage with Adam Bede, Hetty Sorrel discovers that she is pregnant, flies from home to seek ARTHUR, fails to find him Hetty Sorrel is arrested and convicted of infanticide
  • She is saved from the gallows at the last moment, (due to Arthur’s intervention) In prison she is comforted by her cousin Dinah MORRIS Dinah Morris= is a Methodist preacher, whose strong, serious and calm nature is contrasted with Hetty’s throughout the novel In the last chapters Adam discovers that Dinah loves him ADAM’s brother Seth who had long and hopelessly loved Dinah, resigns her with a fine unselfishness



  • Methodism also plays an important role in Adam Bede.
  • This Protestant movement began in England in 1729 and was founded by the preacher John Wesley and his brother Charles. The religion rejects the doctrine of predestination, the idea that only those whom God has chosen can be saved. Wesley, like Dinah Morris, often preached in open fields because members of the Church of England prevented him from preaching in churches. Methodism was widely popular among the working classes of England in the late eighteenth century and largely derided by the upper classes, who saw it as simplistic. The characters in Adam Bede almost uniformly appear in this view: the more sophisticated, socialite characters laugh at the Methodists and take a haughty view toward Dinah Morris, whereas the simpler villagers are attracted to the gentle love with which she preaches. Wesley encouraged work among the poor, and his efforts have affected the work and doctrine of the Methodist church even today.
  • Ending: Adam and Dinah are married, and they have two children. Seth lives with them and does not marry. Captain Donnithorne ultimately returns to Hayslope, and he and Adam meet one last time at the conclusion of the novel. They are able to stay friends despite all that has come between them




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