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The Observation

  • Amid Growing Concerns Over China, many Pacts, agreements, partnerships & alliances are coming up to Counter Beijing
    1. Trans Pacific Partnership
    2. QUAD
    3. Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China
    4. Rejuvenation of Five Eyes Alliance
    5. AUKUS
  • And now… Japan-Australia security pact..!!

The News

Reciprocal Access Agreement

  • Australia has been working with Japan, India, the United States and Britain to strengthen defence ties amid concerns about China, including its pressure on Taiwan, freedom of navigation in the region and trade disputes.
  • Recently, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida and Australian PM Scott Morrison held a virtual summit to seal the reciprocal access agreement that had been in the works for several years.
  • Note: Japan is apparently also considering additional security cooperation arrangements with the UK and France.

The Significance

  • Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) is Japan’s first security agreement with any country after its treaty with US.
  • RAA will allow the Australian and Japanese militaries to work seamlessly with each other on defence and humanitarian operations in the Indo Pacific region.
  • Japan’s only other military pact is with the US, a status of forces agreement dating back to 1960 that allows the United States to base warships, fighter jets and thousands of troops in and around Japan.

How did China respond?

What’s the lesson for India?

  • Although, the newly signed Japan-Australia defence agreement should be welcome to New Delhi, but there also ought to be some concerns.
    1. There is growing coalescence of a regional counter-hegemonic (Chinese) balancing effort in the Indo-Pacific which is good news for India but on the other hand, there could also be a warning for New Delhi, that others are stitching up formal, institutionalised security cooperation that leave India out.

The Big Question




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