the bluest eye

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  • Author- Toni Morrison
  •  Year of publishing- 1970
  • Toni Morrison (Born 1931)
  • She wrote The Bluest Eye- her 1st novel, while working as an editor and single mother
  •  Her novels raise important questions about race + her works address the harsh consequences of racism

Crux of the novel

  • Story of Pecola- a black girl who wishes she was BLONDE + had blue eyes
  • She BELIEVES that she is ugly
  • Pecola believes that if she had blue eyes, she would be loved and her life would be TRANSFORMED
  • She continually receives confirmation of her own sense of ugliness
  1. Boys make fun of her
  2. Maureen (a light skinned girl), who temporarily befriends her makes fun of her too
  3. She is wrongly blamed for killing a boy’s cat and is called a “nasty little black bitch” by his mother
  •  Pecola, an African American girl from an abusive family, YEARNS for blue eyes Pecola’s wishes= represent the “cultural messages that African American girls hear, messages that tell them they can never be beautiful.”
  • When Pecola’s father rapes her, she becomes desperate for eyes so pretty that no one will ever be cruel to her again

Construction of beauty

  • Society shapes our understanding of beauty + often white, fair, slim body type is considered to be ‘beautiful’
  • Main Characters
  • Pecola Breedlove Abused girl
  • Equates having blue eyes with happiness
  •  Claudia MacTeer
  •  The narrator; friend of Pecola; daughter of Mr and Mrs MacTee
  • r, who are the neighbourhood black family of Breedlove family
  • Cholly Breedlove
  • Angry, abusive, hard drinking father
  •  Pauline Breedlove Stern, religious mother; believes she is ugly
  •  Frieda MacTeer
  •  Girl obsessed with Shirley Temple; defends Claudia and Pecola Sam Breedlove- Pecola’s elder brother





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