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What has happened?

  • An explosion happened as two people tried to enter the church on Palm Sunday, the first day of Easter.
  • A destroyed motorbike and body parts were at the scene, but they had yet to be identified, police said.
  • During Holy Week, Christians recall the events leading up to Jesus’ death by crucifixion and, according to their faith, his
  • The week includes five days of special significance.
  • Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday.

About the attack

  • The explosion happened at about 10:30 local time at the end of a service for Palm Sunday.
  • “There were two people riding on a motorbike when the explosion happened at the main gate of the church – the perpetrators were trying to enter the compound.“
  • Earlier, local police had said at least one bomber had died at the scene. They have not confirmed if both attackers were killed.
  • A priest at the church, Father Wilhemus Tulak, told that security guards had tackled one suspected bomber.
  • The attacker, he said, arrived by motorbike and tried to get into the church.
  • Police said at least 14 people were injured, including the church officials who stopped the attackers from entering the grounds of the cathedral.
  • The blast took place in the eastern Indonesian city of Makassar on Sulawesi island.


Church attack in Indonesia

  • Churches have been targeted in the past by extremists in Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation.
  • In 2018, dozens of people were killed in bomb attacks on churches and a police headquarters in the port city of Surabaya.
  • Police blamed an Islamic State-inspired network, the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) group, for the attacks.

  • Militant Islamists have attacked churches in the past but no group has yet said it was behind the bombing.
  • Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas condemned the attack and urged police to increase security measures at places of worship.

Islamic state in South east Asia

  • Indonesia is among several nations in South East Asia that have suffered attacks in recent years by groups said to be linked to so-called Islamic State (IS).
  • The country, along with Malaysia and Singapore, warned back in 2015 that it was a question of when, rather than if, attacks linked to the group would occur in the region.
  • Then, in January 2016,a series of explosions and shootings in the heart of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, killed four civilians and four attackers.
  • It was the first attack in the country to be linked to IS.
  • The Jakarta attackers were later said to be part of the Indonesian-based Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) militant group, which had previously pledged allegiance to IS.
  • Since then, IS has continued to prove a draw for would-be jihadists across South East Asia.
  • The South East Asian country has long struggled with Islamist militancy.Indonesia’s worst ever terror attack was in Bali in 2002,
  • When 202 people – mostly foreigners – were killed in an attack on a tourist nightlife

How has Indonesia responded?

  • Following Indonesia’s worst-ever attack in 2002 – authorities launched a crack-down on extremist groups.
  • This involved a combination of arrests and targeted killings alongside a deradicalisation programme,
  • That focused on altering the mindsets of Indonesians and providing alternative incomes for some released militants.
  • The Indonesian authorities imprisoned some 800 militants and killed more than 100 since the Bali bombings.
  • But it has not had a great amount of success reforming them.
  • Meanwhile police are said to have prevented a number of attacks through their surveillance of known radical personnel.

Q) The Karimata (Carimata) Strait connects which of the following two seas?

  1. Java Sea and Banda Sea
  2. South China Sea and Sea of Japan
  3. Java Sea and Celebes Sea
  4. South China Sea and Java Sea




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