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What has happened?

  • The Chinese army launched multiple ballistic missiles into waters around Taiwan on Thursday as China’s largest ever military drills encircling the island began.
  • “The Ministry of National Defence stated that the Chinese Communist Party fired multiple Dongfeng series ballistic missiles into the surrounding waters of northeastern and southwestern Taiwan,
  • From approximately 13:56 this afternoon,” the Taiwanese defence ministry said in a brief statement.

  • Taiwan said two missiles were launched near the Matsu islands off the coast of China at around 2 pm (6 am GMT), according to an internal Taiwan security report confirmed by Reuters.
  • Taiwan’s defence ministry said it was watching closely.
  • “The Ministry of National Defence stresses that it will uphold the principle of preparing for war without seeking war, and with an attitude of not escalating conflict and causing disputes,“
  • it said in a statement.

About the military exercise

  • China earlier announced that military exercises by its navy, air force and other departments were underway in six zones surrounding Taiwan.
  • The military exercises are set to last until noon on Saturday.
  • The air and naval live-fire exercises, some of which are crossing into Taiwan’s air and maritime space, began hours after the US House of Representatives speaker left Taiwan on Wednesday, after conducting the first visit by such a senior US politician to the island in 25 years.

  • The drills will use some of China’s most advanced weapons, including DF-17 hypersonic missiles and J-20 stealth fighter jets, according to a report by the state-run newspaper Global Times.
  • “The exercises are unprecedented as the PLA conventional missiles are expected to fly over the island of Taiwan for the first time,” the paper said.
  • China’s drills amount to a de facto blockade of the island, Taiwan’s defence ministry claimed.  
  • Unidentified aircraft, likely drones, were seen flying on Wednesday night above the area of its Kinmen islands and Taiwan fired flares to drive them away.
  • It believed the drones were intended to gather intelligence on Taiwan’s security deployment in its outlying islands.

Repeat of 1990s

  • The drills are echo of the last major Chinese military drills aimed at intimidating Taiwan’s leaders and voters held in 1995 and 1996.
  • While China has given no word on numbers of troops and military assets involved, the exercises appear to be the largest held near Taiwan in geographical terms.

What USA is saying?

  • While the U.S. has not said it would intervene, it has bases and forward-deployed assets in the area, including aircraft carrier battle groups.
  • S. law requires the government to treat threats to Taiwan, including blockades, as matters of “grave concern.”
  • Legislation passed by Congress in 1979 paves the way for American forces to step in if China tried to invade Taiwan but.

But could china take Taiwan by force?

  • Under China’s leader, Xi Jinping, the People’s Liberation Army has upgraded to the point where a campaign to seize Taiwan seems increasingly plausible.
  • Yet even experts and officials who monitor China’s military for a living disagree over how ready those forces are to invade Taiwan and how inclined Xi would be to take the momentous gamble, especially after Russia’s troubled war in Ukraine.
  • “When people talk about whether or not China can or cannot do it, they’re actually talking about something different, he level of operational cost —
  • The loss of ships, casualties — that China would have to pay to do it,” said Oriana Skylar Mastro, who has argued that American policymakers may underestimate China’s readiness to use force.
  • “They could do it,” she added. “It’s just that given Taiwan’s defenses and given if the United States is able to come to Taiwan’s aid, how much of a blood battle is this going to be?”

Lack of experience

  • One key question is how close the People’s Liberation Army is to mastering the capabilities needed to dispatch tens of thousands of troops to Taiwan, by sea or air; establish a foothold on the island;
  • And push outward to seize vital sites like ports, railways and communication hubs, as well as cities crowded with potential insurgents.
  • Even if Chinese forces made it to shore on Taiwan, the difficulties of urban warfare, “make an amphibious invasion of Taiwan a significant political and military risk for Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party,” the Pentagon report said.
  • Several studies recently issued by the U.S. Naval War College also indicated that China probably still falls short of some equipment and skills needed to make a Taiwan invasion credible.
  • Few doubt that China’s military has been improving its war-fighting skills.
  • But Taiwan is also building up defenses.

Q) Konkan naval exercise is conducted between which two countries?

  1. India-Bangladesh
  2. India-Sri Lanka
  3. India-UK
  4. India-US




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