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What has happened?

  • Over 100 PLA soldiers crossed the border at Barahoti in Uttarakhand last month, damaged some infrastructure, including a bridge, before retreating, according to officials aware of the situation.
  • The transgression, even as disengagement of troops in eastern Ladakh has been progressing well, has sounded the alarm bells in the central sector.

1962 war

  • While Barahoti has not been a major border flashpoint in recent years – minor transgressions are often reported – The place was the first area which saw transborder intrusions by the Chinese, in 1954, which later expanded to other areas and culminated in the 1962 war.
  • While there have been minor PLA transgressions in the sector over the past few years – the last one in July – the scale was much larger,
  • Leading to concern in New Delhi given continuing border tensions in eastern Ladakh.

30th august incident

  • The incident on August 30 did not result in a face-off as PLA soldiers returned before they could be confronted.
  • Over 100 soldiers and 55 horses transgressed over 5 km of Indian territory by crossing the Tun Jun La Pass, security establishment insiders told ET.
  • Government officials confirmed that Chinese soldiers along with military horses had come to the grazing ground near Barahoti, crossing the Tun Jun La Pass.
  • It is believed that the group stayed in the vicinity for around 3 hours.
  • Since the area is a demilitarised zone, the presence of a large number of PLA soldiers led to concern within the security establishment.
  • Sources said the transgression was reported by locals following which teams from ITBP and Army sent across a patrol to verify.
  • However, the Chinese troops vacated before the patrol reached the area, it is learnt.

Safeguards taken by troops

  • The Barahoti ridge lies north of the Nanda Devi National Park and troops trek to it from the last motorable point.
  • The ridge is connected to Joshimath, where the Indian Army and ITBP have camps to counter any major PLA operations.
  • The ITBP monitors the nearly 350 km border in Uttarakhand which is part of the Line of Actual Control that divides India and China.

Why frequent border issue

  • A home ministry official said that Indian and Chinese perceptions about LAC differ, which lead to frequent incursions in the area.
  • Officials acknowledged that activities of PLA troops have gone up in the region in the past few months.
  • “Earlier also several attempts were made by PLA to infiltrate the Barahoti area. Additional troops have been deployed in the central sector now,” said another official.

  • Intelligence agencies have also flagged Chinese activity at the air base near Barahoti.
  • The PLA has also substantially increased its defence across the LAC in the region since the border confrontation in Ladakh last year.

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