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  • In March 2014 ,after a referendum held in Crimea, Russian federation ‘annexed’ the Crimean peninsula.
  •  The southern and eastern regions of Ukraine declared independence and militias supported by Russian military are fighting Ukrainian forces since
  • Historical Background

  • Ukraine– under Russian control since 400 years.
  • Crimean war 1853-56 Russia vs. Ottomans+France+Britain
  •  Russian revolution 1917
  • Crimea became Part of USSR

Atrocities by Stalin

  • The great famine of 1932-33 killed 2.4-7.5 million Ukrainians.
  • Forced deportations of Crimean Tatars after WW2
  • Russians moved to Crimea
  • 1954- Transfer from Russian SSR to Ukrainian SSR
  • Independence in 1991 – Autonomous region
  • Political Upheavals

  • Victor Yanukovych refuses to sign treaty with EU at the last minute ,in 2013
  •  Signs an agreement and multi billion dollar bailout with Russia instead.
  •  Euromaidan protests erupt
  • Feb 20 – dozens of protestors killed
  • Feb 21- Yanukovych disappears/leaves country
  • Interim govt set up
  • Putin says its an ‘’illegal Coup’’

  • • Within days of Yanukovych’s leaving, Russian backed protestors occupy parliament in Crimea and a new PM of Crimea is appointed
  • He asked Russia for assistance in maintaining peace and security
  • Masked soldiers without any insignia take over airports, military bases, administrative buildings and other strategic locations all over Crimea
  • The new PM calls for a referendum for joining Russia


The referendum

  •  On March 16,2014
  • 83% Turnout
  • 96.7% in favour of joining the Russian federation
  • No international observers allowed
  • March 18- Crimea joins Russia
  • Aftermath

  •  US,UK and Nato countries levy economic sanctions on Russian economy and its leaders G8 to G7 Separatist/Pro Russian protests and conflict in Eastern Ukraine
  • The Unrest in East

  • Protests erupt in ethnically Russian and Russian speaking eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.
  • Luhansk,Donestk,Kharkiv
  • March to August 2014- Fighting between Ukrainian govt forces and militias aided by Russian army in eastern Ukraine
  • September- Ceasefire agreement signed by Petro Poroshenko, Russia and eastern ‘republics’ in Minsk
  • Why is Russia so interested in Crimea?
  •  Strategic location – access to Black sea, Mediterranean, Balkans
  • Black sea fleet of NAVY
  • Transport – all weather ports
  • Encircling by NATO and EU

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By Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore

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