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Q1) Dish TV has appointed which Indian cricketer as its brand ambassador?

  1. KL Rahul
  2. Smriti Mandhana
  3. Rishabh Pant
  4. Jasprit Bumrah

Q2) Recently Minister of State for Culture & External Affairs released Vande Bharatam signature tune has been composed by which two personalities?

  1. AR Rahman & Ricky Kej
  2. Ricky Kej & Bickram Ghosh
  3. AR Rahman & Javed Akhtar
  4. Javed Akhtar & Ricky Kej

Q3) Which Institute has documented India’s Covid-19 vaccine development and vaccine administration journey?

  1. PMO
  2. NITI Ayog
  3. Institute for Competitiveness
  4. ICMR

Q4) Which state/UT approved the Policy for Promotion of Foreign Investment in the Industrial Sector with a foreign stake of a minimum of 51 percent?

  1. Goa
  2. Manipur
  3. J&K
  4. Chandigarh

Q5) The joint exercise ‘EX DHARMA GUARDIAN-2022’, started at Belagavi is between India and which other country?

  1. UAE
  2. Kazakhstan
  3. Israel
  4. Japan

Q6) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has approved the tendering process of  Rs 1000 crore project to clean up rivers, Mula, Mutha, and Mula-Mutha in which Indian city?

  1. Pune
  2. Belgaum
  3. Thane
  4. Kochi

Q7) Who has been appointed by IKEA India as its new and first woman Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Sustainability Officer for its India business?

  1. Indra Nooyi
  2. Susanne Pulverer
  3. Rashmi Gautam
  4. Suhani Das

Q8) Which Indian sportswoman won gold at Singapore Weightlifting International?

  1. Majiziya Bhanu
  2. Ngangbam Soniya Chanu
  3. Mirabai Chanu
  4. Khumukcham Sanjita

Q9) Annual Rose Festival is hosted by which city in the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden(ZHRG)?

  1. Srinagar
  2. Jaipur
  3. Chandigarh
  4. Bhopal

Q10) Which state/UT has approved the construction of India’s first ‘e-waste eco park’ for the effective management of e-waste?

  1. Delhi
  2. J&K
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Kerala

Q11) Under what operation is the Indian government evacuating Indians from war-hit Ukraine?

  1. Operation Nirmal
  2. Operation Ganga
  3. Operation Wapsi
  4. Operation Surakhsha

Q12) What rank has India attained in the ‘International Intellectual Property Index-2022’?

  1. 40th
  2. 52nd
  3. 43rd
  4. 37th

Q13) Which city hosted the 42nd Senior National Cycle Polo Championship?

  1. Pune
  2. Panaji
  3. Mysore
  4. Chennai

Q14) Researchers of Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU) recently discovered a new species of which animal/insect and titled it Narsinhmehtai?

  1. Spider
  2. Scorpion
  3. Mouse
  4. Snake

Q15) Which state lost its first tribal CM, Hemananda Biswal?

  1. Odisha
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Jharkhand
  4. Chhattisgarh

Q16) Recently, the Russian troops captured a nuclear plant in Ukraine, infamous for nuclear disaster. In which city is the nuclear plant?

  1. Odesa
  2. Kharkiv
  3. Donetsk
  4. Chernobyl

Q17) Who has been appointed the National e-Governance Division CEO?

  1. Deepak Singla
  2. Abhishek Singh
  3. Ratnakar Sethi
  4. Anjum Sen

Q18) The Ministry for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) will set up an MSME-Technology Centre in which city in Maharashtra?

  1. Solapur
  2. Amravati
  3. Nashik
  4. Sindhudurg


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