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Q1) On which date was World Laughter Day celebrated in 2022?

  1. 1st April
  2. 1st March
  3. 1st May
  4. 1st January

Q2) Which state has granted the Shamator sub-division as a full-fledged district?

  1. Assam
  2. Nagaland
  3. Manipur
  4. Mizoram

Q3) Which one of the countries/groups has not signed a new Declaration for the Future of the Internet?

  1. USA
  2. EU
  3. France
  4. India

Q4) In which country is the statue of Sardar Patel is being unveiled at the Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre?

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Canada
  3. Brazil
  4. South Africa

Q5) Sitio Burle Marx site is in which country that has recently been added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites?

  1. Argentina
  2. Bolivia
  3. Colombia
  4. Brazil

Q6) Which bank has launched India’s first ‘open-for-all’ comprehensive digital ecosystem for all Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)?

  1. SBI
  2. HDFC
  3. ICICI
  4. Kotak Mahindra

Q7) Which defence entity has signed an MoU for the ‘Manipur Super 50’ project?

  1. Indian Army
  2. Assam Rifles
  3. CRPF
  4. BSF

Q8) The Indian Railways has announced the closure of which of its entity?

  1. IRCTC
  3. UTTAM
  4. VAANI

Q9) Whose latest report claims that India was one of the worst-hit nations during the Covid-19 pandemic and that it will take up to 13 years for India?

  1. SBI
  2. World Bank
  3. IMF
  4. RBI

Q10) Which Indian badminton player won a bronze medal in the Asia Badminton Championships 2022?

  1. Saina Nehwal
  2. PV Sindhu
  3. P Kashyap
  4. Srikanth Kidambi

Q11) Which entity has released the “mandate document” for a National Curriculum Framework?

  1. UGC
  2. Ministry of Ayush
  3. Ministry of Culture
  4. Ministry of Education

Q12) At the 16th Steering Committee meeting the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change launched a field manual relating to which kind of conflict?

  1. Human-Tiger
  2. Human-Elephant
  3. Human- Lion
  4. Human- Snake

Q13) The 2nd edition of the Atal New India Challenge (ANIC 2.0) been launched under which institution/ Ministry?

  1. Ministry of Education
  2. Ministry of Science & Technology
  3. NITI Aayog
  4. Ministry of New Renewable Energy

Q14) Two of India’s track-and-field Tokyo Olympians failed dope tests for using which banned steroid?

  1. Morphine
  2. Antihistamines
  3. Hydrocortisone
  4. Anabolic

Q15) The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas celebrates Ujjwala Diwas on which date?

  1. 1st May
  2. 2nd May
  3. 3rd May
  4. 4th May

Q16) The Centre for Development of Telematics has signed a MoU with which ministry for the delivery and implementation of C-Telecom DOT’s Solutions and services?

  1. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
  2. Ministry of Railways
  3. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  4. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Q17) Which two states celebrate their statehood day on 1st May?

  1. Maharashtra-Karnataka
  2. Maharashtra-Gujarat
  3. Maharashtra-Andhra Pradesh
  4. Maharashtra- Goa

Q18) Which country issued a proposal to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars?

  1. Brazil
  2. China
  3. USA
  4. India


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