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Smart Metering

  • Draft Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules 2020: every new electricity connection will come with a smart prepayment meter or a prepayment meter.
  • Any exemption to this should be approved by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.
  • Read Smart Meter, remotely, once in a month. Representative should read other prepayment meters once in 3 months.
  • The draft also recognises consumer as a prosumer if he generates renewable energy.
  • The distribution licensee will create an online facility on which the prosumer can register and claim compensation amount.

An alternative jobs and skill strategy for India

  • The British described India as an ocean of trees.
  • Tree cover was nurtured by village and tribal communities.
  • Dadabhai Naoroji: To organise the drain of India, the British destroyed these community organisations and took over forest land as State property.

  • Goa, therefore, remained an ocean of trees till 1961, attracting hordes of tourists.
  • To this day, the gavkari, or “communidad” organisation continues to bravely hold on to Goa’s natural heritage.
  • Gadchiroli – at over 70%, it has the highest level of tree cover in Maharashtra
  • Proper implementation of Community Forest Resource (CFR) rights and provision of FRA
  • Thousands of villages being assigned lakhs of hectares
  • CFRs are granted from 2009
  • It has led to skill development and community-based employment.
  • Capable tribal leadership + competent and honest officials
  • Pachgaon, a village in neighbouring Chandrapur district, has been assigned CFR rights over 1,000 hectares.
  • The gram sabha asked each family to submit 5 rules regarding management of forest resources and other civic affairs.
  • These were then discussed in a meeting over two days and 115 rules were unanimously accepted.
  • The entire community now abides by these 115 rules.
  • These include regimes regarding the harvest of bamboo and other minor forest produce, regular patrolling of CFR areas and sharing of responsibility in sorting and auctioning bamboo.
  • The villagers used pluck tendu leaves for contractors

  • Involved setting fire to parts of the forest, which the people deemed undesirable.
  • Tendu trees are now producing an abundance of fruit.
  • This fruit is in high demand also.
  • The wages for bamboo harvest were 3 times what contractors paid.
  • 2015: net profit of Rs 35 lakh from the sale of bamboo
  • This money is invested in organising forest and village development works which provide year-round employment.
  • The lessons from villages such as Pachgaon must reach all other CFR-holding villages.
  • Maharashtra’s tribal development department sponsored a special five-month training programme in the field at Mendha-Lekha, the first village to win CFR rights in 2009.
  • Kudumbasree – engaged primarily in activities related to food production, processing and restaurants.
  • Large tracts of farmland are fallow in Kerala
  • Reason: costs of chemical inputs and labour prohibitive
  • Kudumbasree groups take such lands on lease and make them productive.
  • They can afford to do so because, without alternative employment, their members accept lower wages.
  • Not chemical usagelow cost pesticides free ecosystem
  • Empowering communities through organisation and resource rights is a very effective and desirable route to both employment generation and skill development.
  • India needs to think of an alternative economic paradigm to prevent the distress we have seen this year.




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