•Q Use of digital technology in the process of governance will transform ‘ maximum government and minimum governance’ into ‘maximum governance and minimum government’. Examine.
• Aadhaar-enabled Fertilizer Distribution System (AeFDS) – Krishna District
• Integrating Farmers with APMC Mandis through EPlatform

• . Digital Soil Test and Fertilizer Recommendation (STFR) Kit
• Health –Madhya Pradesh Unconditional Cash Transfer Project
, ASHA Soft – Online Payment and Monitoring System for ASHAs
• Automated Traffic Monitoring and Challaning System – Bengaluru
•Rajasthan’s Law Reform Project – Minimum Government and Maximum
• The Project includes four phases – repealing, consolidating, examining relevance and
putting laws online.
• e- governance- CM Office Real-time Executive Dashboard
(CORE Dashboard) – Andhra Pradesh, Integrated Financial
Management System ( Haryana and west Bengal), Online
police station( uttar Pradesh)
• SMART Anganwadi ( Vadodara city)
• ICT for Excellence in Sports ( MP)
• SAMVIDA – Bihar
• A system for appointment of contractual/volunteer services in
districts of Bihar, popularly known as SAMVIDA was developed
to support the increased demand of manpower in Bihar
government.Traditional hiring process are time-consuming,
delaying the entire recruitment process. Other challenges that
Payment and Application System of Scholarship (E-Pass system)
for Post-Matric Scholarship (PMS)
• SKILL DEVELOPMENT (ICT Academy -Tamil Nadu)
There is a huge shortage of well-qualified trainers in the
country.This Academy aims at quality improvement of the ICT
faculty at various higher educational, technical institutions to
produce trainees who are readily employable in the ICT sector.
• . Transport –Intelligent Transport System – Improving Urban Public Transport


•Q How social media is transforming Indian culture?
•websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to
participate in social networking(Define social media)
•Social Media has a wide role to play in changing the mindset and lifestyle of
common man. In a developing country like India, such a thing has a deep root
in transforming things.
•A developing country is always in a state of instability with respect to the
changes in the lifestyle, culture and civilization; and they get very easily
influenced by the newly emerging fields especially when that comes into
play from some developed countries.
• ‘Social Networking Sites’. The sites like Facebook are used as a time-pass by the majority
population, but many intellectuals use this to advertise and promote their small and large scale
business as well.
• People also have much knowledge regarding the blogging sites like Twitter, content communities like You Tube, social news sites like Leakernet etc., but nobody actually links these with the social media. These sites remain on the top surfing sites, still without knowing their utility as social media.

•Again the collaborative sites like the Wikipedia is utilized to the fullest for
reference for all sorts of study and analyses. There are some selective
audience sites like the virtual gaming  sites and the virtual social world sites.
All these have a widespread impact on altering the culture of any community
•Parameters of Social Media influencing the Indian Culture and Mind-set
There are various parameters that influence the mind-set of the common man
especially with respect to the alterations in our culture and tradition that has a very
special image and respect world-wide.

•Quality of the Content

•‘Quality of the Content’ that is present in these sites involved in the social media.
These are just displayed without any restrictions which is definitely impacting
the mind-set of the youth, who are getting more and more aggressive in their
• Accessibility
• Again, the content displayed is available to anyone and everyone.
• Usability
The easy learning and grasping aptitude of the children is again focused by the social media by various attractive advertisements being popped up and distracting their attention towards the gaming zones.
•World come closer
•The world has come closer, with the possibility of interaction anywhere in the world in just a few clicks away
•The family can get in touch with their children working abroad, the grandparents can have a
regular glimpse of their grandchildren, they can interact, visualize and perceive their growth.
• Social media is helping to retain our family bond and in fact has made the bond more

•Undoubtedly, the social media can have a very good impact on our
culture and can help to spread our days old tradition with immense
pleasure and prestige. All that requires is a firm mind, good intellect
and a decent approach to the available source, that is social media.