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Data Interpretation


An e-commerce company sells five different articles. The company also gives some cash
back to the customers on the selling price (Marked price – Discount) of each article. The
Packaging cost is borne by the e-commerce company while the Shipping Charge is borne by the customer. If a person buys more than one article of the same type then the packaging cost and the shipping charge will be incurred only for one article of a particular type.


1) Find the approximate profit percentage of the shopkeeper on selling a T-shirt.
a) 51.6% b) 55.7% c) 48.2% d) 62.5% e) 42.4%

2) In the case of shoes, the cashback offer is not exactly 10% but up to 10%. If Vishal gets cashback of Rs. 43.5 then find the profit percent earned by the company after selling the shoes to Vishal.
a) 160% b) 120% c) 150% d) 130% e)140%

3) If a customer buys more than three articles but of the same type then he will be given 11.5% more discount but 5% less cashback on the articles after 3rd article. If the company sells 5 jeans to 5 different customers and 5 jeans to a single customer then how much more profit will the company earn by selling 5 jeans to 5 different customers than selling 5 jeans to a single customer?
a) Rs. 479.5 b) Rs. 444.5 c) Rs. 484.5 d) Rs. 463.5 e) Rs. 456.5

4) Find the difference between the profit earned on selling a shirt and the profit earned on selling a track pant by the company.
a) Rs. 142.6 b) Rs. 149.6 c) Rs. 124.6 d) Rs. 135.6 e) Rs. 131.6

5) The company sold five different articles to five different customers and didn’t allow any discount to the customer but allowed cash-backs. Find the profit of the company.
a) Rs. 6680 b) Rs. 7005 c) Rs. 6870 d) Rs. 6905 e) Rs. 6790

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