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Data Interpretation (Set-65) | Maths & Reasoning | Free PDF Download

Q) The following data gives number of employees from six different company says P, Q, R, S, T and U in a city from different department says HR, Sales and Marketing. Total employees from company P is 4488 and ratio of sales to HR employees from company U is 13:8. Percent share of HR employees from company Q is 18% from total HR employees in city, average employees per department from city taken all three department together is 10496.
: Employees from company P are 20% less than that from company R, ratio employee from Q to T is 7 : 9 and total employees from city is 8400. Ratio of employees from S to U is 2 : 3 and 20% of total employees are from company R.
: Percent Share of employee from company R is 16% of total employee from department and ratio of employees from company T to Q is 13:12, employees from company Q is 20% more than that from company R.
: Average employees from company P, R and T is 2128, ratio of employees from company Q to P is 6 : 7 and employee from U is 25% more than HR from same company. Ratio of employees from P to T is 21 : 23 and average employees from P, R and S is 1904. Total employees from company Q is 40% less than twice of employees from U.

Q1. If 75% of employees from company Q are female and ratio of female HR, Sales and Marketing employees from company Q is 6 : 9 : 7 then, what is the difference between male sales and male marketing employees from same company?
a) 192    b) 204    c) 198    d) 208    e) 194

Q2. Total Marketing employees from company P, Q and S are approximately what percent less than Total sales employees from company Q, R and T taken together?
a) 23.8%    b) 21.4%    c) 24.4%    d) 16.8%    e) 19

Q3.If 2/3th, 2/5th, 5/8th and 3/4th of HR employees from company P, R, T and U respectively are graduate employees then, what is percent share of these graduate employees from employees of HR department of all the companies together?
a) 41.8%    b) 43.4%    c) 42.6%    d) 48.2%    e) 44.5%

Q4.If 60% and 75% of employees from company R and U respectively are female then, what is ratio of female employees from company R to U?
a) 31 : 29     b) 34 : 31     c) 28 : 29     d) 32 : 31     e) 24 : 23

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