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Data Interpretation - Time/Work & Time, Speed/Distance – Puzzle (High Level) for

Data Interpretation (Time & Work) Problem 1 :

A task requires appropriate skills in designing. There are five levels of designing skills. The level of skills and corresponding number of days taken by a person of that skill level is tabulated below. There are tour groups of people. The information about the number of people and their skill level is provided in the Bar chart below.

time and work- data interpretation

1) If three Level-4 skilled and two Level-2 skilled people started working together on a task and all of them left after working for 2 days, then how long would it take three Level-I and one Level-5 people to finish the remaining task?
1) 7(11/65)    2) 7(12/65)    3) 7(7/65)    4) 7(1/13)    5) 7(21/65)

2) Assuming the number of days given here is applicable for 8 working hours a day. Four Level-3 people and three Level-4 people started working. In the first three days, Level-3 skilled people worked 2 hours extra every day and during extra working hours their efficiency was 50% more than their actual efficiency. Find the total number of days taken to complete the task.
1) 3(49/82)    2) 15(11/24)    3) 6(13/24)    4) 3(59/82)    5) 2(1/7)

3) What is the difference between the number of days taken by all the people of Group-P and Group-Q to complete the task?
1) 21/209    2) 63/418    3) 21/106    4) 63/209    5) None

4) Assuming Group-E comprises of all the Level-4 and Level-5 persons of the tour groups while Group-F comprises of all the Level-2 and Level-3 persons of the tour groups It Group-E completes 70% of the task and then the remaining task is completed by Group-F, then what is the total number of days that it would take to complete the task?

1) 1(7064/9581)   2) 1(7464/9581)   3) 1(7264/9581)    4) 1(7764/9581)    5) None

5) What is the difference between the number of days taken by all the people of Group-A and Group-B to complete the task?


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DATA INTERPRETATION – Time, Distance and Speed

Following Pie chart shows distances between some places given such as A – B means distance from Place A to B (in kms) And the following table shows the difference between time taken by P and Q respectively to travel.

1) Car Q is travelling with 50 km/h. Car P starts from place D with its normal speed and after reaching E it reduces its speed to 2/3rd till halfway from E to F and then increases its subsequent speed 20% and reached F. Find the ratio of time taken by P in given journey to the time taken by P to go from D to F without change in speed.(Speed of Q is greater than P)
1) 32 : 21   2) 16 : 17    3) 41 : 32  4) 53 : 63  5) None

2) If speed of car P is Increased by 20% and speed of car Q is decreased by 11(1/9)% and they both start from place B at the same time then find the sum of time taken them when they reach place D. Also, given that with changed speeds, time taken by Q to go from E to F is 9/4 times the time taken by P to go from A to B.
1) 17 hours 17 minutes   2) 12 hours 17 minutes
3) 2 hours 27 mins   4) 12 hours 27 minutes

3) If speed of P and Q is reduced by 20% and 11(1/9) % respectively, then the difference of time taken by them to travel from B to C increases by 87.5%. If, P Starts from A and Q starts from F then between which places will they meet if they are travelling with reduced speeds as given speed of Q is greater than the speed of P.
1) A and B   2) B and C   3) C and D  4) D and E  5) E and F


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