Essay Writing Series Part – 1 | How To Improve Language And Expression For Essay Writing?

What does UPSC or other testing institutes look for in the essay?

– Candidates write essays on multiple topics
– They need to keep closely to the subject of the essay
– They need to arrange their ideas in an orderly fashion
– They need to write concisely
– Credit is given for EFFECTIVE and EXACT expression
– Unlike GS in which marks are awarded purely for CONTENT, here LANGUAGE, COHERENCE and the way you organize your write up
– Therefore proper arrangement of ideas is necessary

Improving language and expression:

Clear writing= clear thinking
– Language in essay must be simple and clear
– There should be absence or limited use of jargons
– If you use jargons/ complex terms then define it in a sentence before the use
– Keep the sentences SHORT and POWERFUL
– Long and winding sentences are distracting
– Break a long sentence into two

About vocabulary:

– There is no need to memorise complex words for writing a good essay
– Occasional use of a powerful word or a good phrase gives your write up an edge
– Learning numerous words won’t make them stick in your brain for long
– Make notes of good usages of words
– Building vocabulary is a SLOW process (however, with consistency you can become better at using an expansive set of words)

Does Indian cinema shape our popular culture or merely reflect it?


➢ India is a country where media plays a great role in the formation of the mindset of
➢ India’s top position in the number of movies released every year
➢ Bollywood, Tollywood and all other regional language cinemas have now become an
intrinsic part of entertainment
➢ Movies capture the reality at times or at other times create a fictional utopian space
➢ Indian Cinema for decades have catered to the society that watches movies
primarily for the sake of entertainment but indeed in due process they have moved
towards socially committed cinema as well

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