Essay Writing Series 8 | How to prepare for counter arguments?

Hope you have revised the 6 tips on counter arguments!

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Sticking to the word limit (20 marks= 300 words)
  • Timing yourself well to complete both the counter arguments
  • Using a proper format- paragraph way of writing, bullet or comparison method
  • Manner of writing- plain and concise; avoid using ornamental language
  • Brainstorm well and the law of parallelism

Let’s revisit some previous years questions on counter argument:


  • FDI in retail in India is a bane for a small trader
  • Control of social media is an anti democratic proposition


  • A casteless society becomes distant through issues raised by reservation policies
  • Women empowerment of India is so far an urban phenomenon


  • Development and creation of jobs must take priority over social development
  • Pre poll alliances are better than post poll partnership


  • Large population of India is more of a bane than a boon
  • Democracy slows down the pace of development


  • India needs to focus on imparting quality education instead of merely increasing its gross enrolment ratio
  • The trend of nuclear families will make old age homes in India increase in number


  • The youth in India are getting addicted to android mobile
  • Power flows from the barrel of gun

 Let’s Practice

  • A casteless society becomes distant through issues raised by reservation policies


  • The deep rooted evil of caste system has resulted in the marginalisation of many for centuries. (caste system- deep rooted in the Indian society). To heal the bruises of the infamous caste system several initiatives were taken post independence like the reservation policies.


  • The reservation policies deepen the segregation and do not allow the emergence of an egalitarian society without any differences. (it widens the gulf between members of the community on caste lines). It creates feeling of acrimony and hatred among the members who suffer due to the reservation policies. It creates a cadre of dissatisfied youth who get dischanted with the system. It has also transcended as a means of garnering more votes from the disenfranchised communities who are a big vote bank for some vicious politicians Counter:
  • Caste system, the worst social evil in India can be contained and the people who have been wronged previously can be given justice solely through reservation or the ‘affirmative action’. This becomes one of the only constitutional solution to end the ill effects of caste system. The reservation policies aim to compensate for the historical injustice and to ensure equality of opportunity which was previously denied. The fundamental aim is to equate the social status of the backward castes on par with the influential and powerful lot. A dalit student who has faced perpetual discrimination on both social and economic front cannot be equated to someone coming from the privileged sections of society.


  • There has been a half hearted implementation of the reservation policies and the large number of vacant SC/ST and reserved category seats bear testimony to the same. However, a few people belonging to the backward castes have managed to achieve social and economic upliftment by leveraging the reservation policies. But we should not become complacent as a society as upliftment has been noticed whereas equality of status is still a distant dream. This becomes conspicuous through the fact that inter caste marriages are still boycotted by some sections of the society.

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