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  • Recently, India has decided to advance the target of 20% ethanol blending in petrol by 5 years. This step aims to reduce air pollution, but on the flip side it also creates problems of water pollution and insecurity of food & water. Discuss.


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Does Ethanol Blending make sense?


  • Reduced crude oil import bill – Ethanol Fuels cheaper than conventional fuels
  • Environment friendly fuel – Reduces Global Warming
  • Better income for farmers – Untapped Agri opportunity
  • Better Employment Opportunities
  • Variety & accessibility of raw material

Does Ethanol Blending make sense?

Does Ethanol Blending make sense?

  • Water pollution & Water are major issues with Ethanol production.
    1. Compared to one gigajoule of fuel from fossil fuels, it takes 78 times as much water to make that much fuel from ethanol.
    2. To make one liter of ethanol, 10 to 16 liters of toxic by-product waste is released. It is discharged into water sources.
    3. Over reliance on Ethanol will drive food prices leading to Food insecurity.
    4. One of the biggest learning lessons from Brazil and its ethanol blending program is intense & recurring droughts due to over use of water resources.

Does Ethanol Blending make sense?


  • From 1979 to 2021, the production of ethanol increased from 0.5 billion liters to 30 billion liters annually.
  • But by December 2021, the level of water sources there has decreased by up to 80%. Leading to worst droughts in last 20 years.




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