Exam Warrior

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Exams =/= matter of life and death

  • Exams- test your PREPARATION
  • If you PASS- you prepared well
  • If you FAIL- you were not well prepared- your preparation for the exam was

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam- one failure does not and should never define you

  • Failed his fighter pilot test
  • He was disappointed
  • But HE NEVER considered himself to be a failure
  • He went on to become the greatest SCIENTIST

You can achieve your dreams even if you face initial setbacks or failures

Be a WARRIOR and not a WORRIER

  • If you worry constantly then you will be under stress all the time Don’t be a WORRIER be a WARRIOR
  • Select- do you want to WORRY about the challenge OR FIGHT
  • Bravest women and men always pick the latter
  • You SHOULD FIGHT BRAVELY and DEFEAT the worry about exams

REVISION- train your mind to revise

  • Train your mind to be methodical- (when we keep our things in their right place and organize our things before an important activity we TRAIN our mind to be METHODICAL)
  • When we REVISE- we tell our mind to remember (that to in a similar manner as we learnt)
  • Successful athletes often watch their OWN (and opposition team)recording——– so that they can identify where they went WRONG and WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO IMPROVE

Presentation- the way you present your work is important

  • High Quality Answers + good content——— hallmark of the fact that you
    prepared well for the exams
  • Neat and well written or labelled answers – create a positive impression
    about you


  • Your score is not important—— but WHAT KNOWLEDGE and skill you gained while studying
    IF YOU PURSUE KNOWLEDGE and study hard- good marks will be a BY PRODUCT of your efforts
  • If you focus solely on marks then you become susceptible to SELECTIVE LEARNING
    Thus you receive incomplete knowledge And partial knowledge is a dangerous thing

Dr Ambedkar

  • The architect of the Constitution of India
  • He overcame many hurdles in his pursuit of knowledge
  • He went on to study in the best colleges in the world
  • His pursuit of knowledge was SOOOOO INTENSE that it is believed that his
  • personal library had over 50,000 books

YOU yes YOU yes YOU

  • You are your own competitor
  • When you pursue excellence- the battle is then not to outshine your friend
  • The battle for excellence is about enhancing your abilities TILL YOU REACH YOUR true potential
  • Competing with others limits your ability to reach your true potential


  • Sergey Bubka
    Former POLE VAULT world champion BUBKA kept improving on his world record 35 times
  • He was competing against himself
  • He was pushing his ability to new limits and was not complacent

Live here and now

  • Learn from the past and prepare for the future
  • EVEN MORE IMPORTANT TO STAY FOCUSED on NOW- your current task or project
  • NEVER LET YOUR MIND DRIFT into anything other than what you are
    focusing NOW
  • Whenever your mind drifts then get your thoughts back to your current

Sleep very well

  • Good sleep —— helps you to stay sharp and focused
  • Not about HOW MANY hours you sleep but HOW WELL YOU SLEPT
  • Just a few hours of SOUND SLEEP is better than disturbed sleep throughout the night
  • Good sleep—— sharpens your mind and enables you to prepare better for the next exam

Focus on your strengths and build your self confidence

  • Celebrate your strengths and build your self confidence

Swami Vivekananda

  • He quoted from the UPANISHADS Aham Brahmasmi
  • I am the manifestation of divinity
  • When you think and meditate on this mantra—— you will be filled with a strong sense of self confidence

How to jot our strengths

  • An interesting way of writing down your strengths is list down a strength
    that you have , for every ALPHABET of your name

To cheat is to be cheap

You must step OUT and experience the world around you

  • Experience the world around YOU
  • STRETCH yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Once when your exams are over, work with community service
    organizations or pursue a new hobby

Aspire TO DO

  • What do you aspire to BE?—— this is misleading and has a baggage of expectations of parents, peers, money and lifestyle
  • INSTEAD focus on WHAT YOU ASPIRE TO DO?—– the answer to this question would come from
  • SOMETHING That YOU LOVE DOING And this finally then leads you to your destiny

BE very grateful

  • Being grateful and thankful- is BEING MINDFUL OF THE WORLD AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU- who are helping you to take every step YOUR SUCCESS IS NOT YOURS ALONE

What should PARENTS be careful about?

  • Encourage students to stay happy and stress free
  • Always ACCEPT rather than EXPECT
  • Important for parents to ACCEPT the dreams and aspirations and these dreams of your children
  • can be radically DIFFERENT from what parents dream about
  • Help your ward EXPLORE opportunities + guide them to conquer their fear of the unknown by allowing them to experience life Stay POSITIVE and help your children stay POSITIVE

The book gives 25 mantras Richly supported with interactive games, exercises and yoga asana recommendations



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