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  • ‘Twinkling of stars’ is a phenomenon observed due to
    Scattering of light
    Refraction of light
    Rarefaction of light
    Total Internal Reflection
  • Param, SahasraT, Aaditya, Apollo – What are these ?
    New weapon systems by DRDO
    Operating systems made in India
    Solar missions planned by ISRO
    Supercomputers made in India
  • Which planet is smaller than earth?
    None of the above
  • What is the product of anaerobic respiration?
    Ethyl alcohol
    Lactic acid
    All of the above
  • The Red fort trials of 1946 were held for
    World war 2 army deserters
    Quit India movement protesters
    Royal Indian Navy mutineers
    Indian National Army officers
  • The Teen Murti memorial in New Delhi commemorates the martyrs of
    World war 1
    World war 2
    India Pakistan war 1971
    India China war 1962
  • Treaty of Purandar,1665, was signed between
    Akbar and Shivaji
    Akbar and Maharana Pratap
    Jehangir and Rani Durgawati
    Jai Singh I and Shivaji
  • Official languages recognised by the constitution of India are listed in?
    VIII schedule
    VII schedule
    VI schedule
    V schedule
  • The graduates of three years’ standing residing in that state can elect how many members in the Legislative councils?
    One third
    One sixth
    One fourth
    One twelfth
  • 8 degree channel separates
    Andamans and Nicobars
    South Andaman and Little- 10 degree channel
    Andaman-  Duncan passage
    Minicoy and Maldives- 8 degree channel
    Kavaratti and Minicoy-9 degree channel
  • The river formed by the confluence of Brahmaputra and Teesta ?
  • The biosphere reserve which is also a UNESCO world heritage site
    Nanda devi
    All of the above
  • The Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project, often in news , plans to connect
    Kolkatta to Agartala by road
    North east to Thailand
    India to China
    Kolkatta to Mizoram
  • Naf river forms the boundary between
    Bangladesh Myanmar
    Myanmar Thailand
    Myanmar China
    India Bhutan
  • The Jagannath temple at Puri was built during the rule of
    Eastern Ganga dynasty
    Chola dynasty
    Chalukya dynasty
    Rashtrakuta dynasty
  • The battle of Srirangapattnam,1799 was fought between
    Haider Ali and Marathas
    Marathas and English
    English and Tipu Sultan
    Nizam and Marathas
  • The Brihadeeswarar Temple at Thanjavur was built by
    Narsimhavarman I
    Raja raja Chola I
    Rajendra Chola
    Narsimhavarman II
  • Pro tem speaker is
    Appointed by the outgoing speaker
    Nominated by the President
    Elected by members of LS
    The senior most member, and is appointed by President
  • Last Governor general of India was
    Lord Wavell
    Lord Mountbatten
    C Rajagopalachari
    Rajendra Prasad
  • The first Indian talking film was
    Raja Harishchandra
    Mohini – Bhasmasur
    Alam Ara
    Toofan mail
  • The Headquarters of Ramakrishna mission are situated at
    Pune, Maharashtra
    Adyar, Chennai
    Belur, Kolkata
  • Pernicious anaemia is caused due to the deficiency of
    Vitamin E
  • In February 2017, ISRO launched 104 satellites using which launch vehicle?
    GSLV D5
    PSLV C37
    GSAT 19
  • How many vice presidents have held office for 2 terms ?
  • Indian army’s operation to capture the Siachen glacier in 1984 was named?
    Op Vijay
    Op Brass-tacks
    Op Khukri
    Op Meghdoot
  • The British Indian Ocean Territory lies in
    Chagos archipelago
  • Which Volcano is known as the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean?
  • A dynamo converts
    Mechanical energy to electrical energy
    Electrical energy to mechanical energy
    Kinetic energy to magnetic energy
    Gravitational energy to Electrical energy
  • Odometer is a device used to measure
    Distinct smell/odour
    Distance travelled by a weather balloon
    Distance travelled by a road vehicle
    Depth of dive by a submarine
  • Television was invented by
    Thomas Alva Edison
    Bell laboratories
    John Logie Baird
  • Arrange these sultanate period buildings/monuments in chronological order.
    1. Alai Minar
    2. Qutub Minar
    3. Tomb of Ghiyas ud din Tughlaq
    4. Feroz shah Kotla

Ans. 2,1,3,4

  • Arrange these Sultanate dynasties acc. to the Time period of their rule (longest to shortest)
    1. Tughlaq
    2. Khilji
    3. Lodi
    4. Slave

ANS. 1,4,3,2

  • At what temperature does water freeze?
    373 K
    0 K
    300 K
    273 K
  • Nitrogen fixation can occur due to
    Artificial means
    All of the above
  • What was the Manhattan Project in 1940s ?
    Hitler’s plan to eradicate all Jews
    USA’s plan to attack USSR
    USA’s nuclear weapons program
    Code name for Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour
  • Who gave the Quantum theory of Radiation?
    Niels Bohr
    SN Bose
  • False statement regarding the properties of Melamine, a commonly used material for kitchen ware.
    It is an organic polymer
    It is Non reactive
    It is Unbreakable
    It is Thermoplastic
  • Food cans are coated with TIN(Sn) but not ZINC (Zn). Why?
    Zinc is costlier
    Zinc has a higher melting point
    Zinc is more reactive Tin
    Tin is more reactive than Zinc

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