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The risks in fracking

 Government should impose a moratorium(िोक) on fracking as the negative
consequences outweigh the benefits
 Many scholars believe that fossil fuel energy will decline markedly by 2050.
 others who say that the earth has enough resources
 To gain such benefits, the government introduced a policy on shale gas and
oil in 2013, permitting national oil companies to engage in fracking.
 Under the first phase, shale gas blocks were identified in Andhra Pradesh,
Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu
 Countries like Germany and France and subnational governments like
Scotland have banned fracking
 U.S. experience, out of 58/260 chemical have been identified to pose a
risk to human life and environment and freshwater.
 Groundwater pollution have been reported in the U.S. and Canada
 European Union and the U.K. have recognised these risk

 Supreme Court of India has ruled that every person has the right to enjoy
pollutionfree water and air.
 It is also an established principle that the state holds its natural resources in trust
for the benefit of the people, and has the duty to protect these resources from harm.
 If the risk from fracking to underground water materialises, courts can hold the state
responsible for it, stop the activity, and order other corrective and preventive measures.
 Model Bill for the Conservation, Protection, Regulation and Management of
Groundwater, 2016, sets a priority for use of groundwater
 Right to water for life, and water to achieve
 Food security,
 Supporting sustenance agriculture,
 Sustainable livelihoods and eco-system needs
 Only after satisfying these priorities can underground water be used for other purposes

The Asian ripple(लहर) effect

China, Japan and India seem to be adapting quickly to the possibility of a post U.S. world order
 „America First‟
10-nation ASEAN group
Asia is seeking a “new balance”

  Preparing detailed sequences of every species on earth
 Human Genome Project, which involved preparing a
blueprint of sequence of genes that make up human
 Genome – Complete set of genes or genetic material
present in a cell or organism
 “Earth BioGenome Project: Sequencing life for
the future of life”,
 World’s largest collaborative biological project
 “Genome” of any given individual is unique
 Can help us understand diseases
 Cancer, Specific viruses & advancement in forensic
 United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France,
Germany, Spain and China.For a digital library of life

Best-laid plans

 President Erdoğa•attempts to consolidate power in Turkey with a snap(अचािक) election

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis
 Page-1- RS Chairman rejects motion against Chief Justice Misra
 Opposition petition based on suspicion(संदेह), conjectures(अनुमान) and assumptions(मान्यताओं):

 Page-1- AFSPA lifted in Meghalaya
 The Centre has removed
the Armed Forces (Special
Powers) Act (AFSPA) from
Meghalaya, from April 1, a
senior official of the Union
Home Ministry said on
 Earlier, it was effective
in the State in the 20-km
area along its border with

 Page-1- Software major TCS now in $100 bn market
capitalisation club
 Consultancy Services on Monday became only the
second Indian company to cross the $100 billion mark
in market capitalisation, buoyed by a robust outlook for
its business and a weakening rupee.
 Follows Reliance Industries Ltd.,
which touched the milestone on October 29, 2007

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