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the hindu analysis 25th Judges Enquiry Act (1968) regulates the procedure relating to the removal of a judge of the
Supreme Court by the process of impeachment:
 1. A removal motion signed by 100 members (Lok Sabha) or 50 members (Rajya Sabha) is
to be given to the Speaker/Chairman.
 2. Speaker/Chairman may admit the motion or refuse to admit it
 3. If it is admitted, then the Speaker/Chairman is to constitute a three member committee
to investigate into the charges.
 4. Committee should consist of (a) the chief justice or a judge of the Supreme Court, (b) a
chief justice of a high court, and (c) a distinguished jurist.
 5. If the committee finds the judge to be guilty of misbehaviour or suffering from an
incapacity, the House can take up the consideration of the motion.
 6. After the motion is passed by each House of Parliament by special majority, an address
is presented to the president for removal of the judge.
 7. Finally, the president passes an order removing the judge

Interesting to know that no judge of the Supreme Court has been impeached so far.
The first and the only case of impeachment is that of Justice V Ramaswami of the Supreme Court (1991–1993).
Though the enquiry Committee found him guilty of misbehaviour, he could not be removed as the impeachment motion was defeated in the Lok Sabha.
The Congress Party abstained from voting.

Nabbing(catch) absconders(फरार)

 The ordinance is not enough; the government needs to plug many more legal loopholes
 Fugitive(भगोड़ा) Economic Offenders Ordinance, 2018.
 A fugitive is defined as someone who has left India to avoid criminal prosecution or
who is already overseas and refuses to return to face the law
 Banks have been asked to mandatorily collect passport details of those borrowing above
₹50 crore, and the passports of some wilful defaulters are being impounded(जब्त) too
 Finance and Law Ministries had agreed on a draft Bill, but it was only introduced in
the Lok Sabha this March
 Mr. Mallya Kingfisher Airlines having run up outstanding loans of over ₹9,000 crore
 Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi country’s second largest public sector bank of over ₹12,800 crore
 U.K. courts vs American court has disallowed the sale of their assets
 India is yet to pass a model law mooted by the UN for cross-border insolvency cases
 Plug the remaining loopholes in the system.

the hindu analysis 25th


The dragon beckons again

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China should be seen in the context of the
flux of global geopolitics- China on April 27
 The face-off between the U.S. (and its allies) and Russia
 Russia is arguably worse than during the Cold War.
 They confront each other, through proxy forces, in three active conflict zones
 Ukraine,
 Syria
 Afghanistan
 Recent U.S. French British missile strikes in Syria
 Trade issues
 While India is being asked to address its trade surplus of about $25 billion with the U.S.,
 Mr. Trump asked China (in a tweet last month) to reduce its massive trade
surplus of about $375 billion with the U.S.
 America’s decision to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a free trade
grouping excluding China

 Unpredictable U.S
 Mutual interest in serenity
 This is the backdrop to the current “reset” in India China relations
 Doklam to the ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri
Lanka and the Maldives.
 The reality is that India has to maintain a pragmatic balance in its relations with the
three major powers- The Prime Minister’s visit to China should be seen in this context.

the hindu analysis 25thPrelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

 Page-1- Decision to reject motion timely, not hasty: Venkaiah
 It was turned down after over a month of due diligence, he tells SC lawyers

the hindu analysis 25th Page-1- Construction prohibited in unauthorised colonies: SC
 Apex court directed the Centre to immediately set up a special task force to
oversee enforcement of laws regarding unauthorised constructions

the hindu Page-2- Summit on cyber security
 Andhra Pradesh government is conducting a two-day summit on cyber security on April 27.
 Titled ‘Responding to emergent global and local cyber threats’, the event brings together
people from industry, academia and government to deliberate on various issues
relating to cyber security

 Page-5- Train tickets soon in Malayalam, Tamil
 Unreserved train tickets issued from railway stations in Kerala and Tamil Nadu to
any of the 9,500 stations in the railway network of the country will soon have the
names of the originating station and the destination in Malayalam and Tamil.

 New system to measure air quality
 To be jointly developed by the U.S. and Finland to forecast pollution levels
 China signals shift in stance on border row
 Modi-Xi meeting to lay ground for settling sensitive issues, says Minister
 ‘Iran may quit NPT if Trump scraps deal’
 Oil tops $75 as sanctions on Iran
 Oil climbed above $75 a barrel on Tuesday to its highest level since November 2014


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