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The Hindu Editorial Newspaper Analysis Free PDF – 28th April’18

 Patent Office

 Last two decades, the IPO has granted 1,654 secondary patents, of which 91% were directed
to formulations, compositions and combinations.
 Much of these would come under the purview of Section 3(d)
 Sections 3(d), 3(e) and 3(i) into the Patents Act to restrict patent ability of a host of secondary patents.


 Indian rupee is under pressure
 Rising oil prices
 FII outflows
 Higher interest rates in the U.S., with the Federal Reserve having signalled
last month that it is on course to raise the policy rate at in 2018.
 In 2017- Rupee appreciated 6%
 With global oil prices continuing a steady climb on the back of tight output controls marshaled by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, Brent crude futures have gained almost 12% through 2018.
 Monthly bill for the import of goods, including oil, rose 7.2%
 Rupee is not alone among BRICS currencies to have depreciated against the doll
ar this year, with both the Brazilian real and the Russian double losing value.

 Remains particularly vulnerable to mounting oil costs given the economy’s extremely high dependence on crude imports to meet energy needs.
 Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest crude producers, is eyeing oil prices
 To comfortably balance its budget and have cash to spare to fund Crown Prince Mohammed
bin Salman’s ambitious socioeconomic reforms
 Fresh tensions involving Iran- President Donald Trump
 Reserve Bank of India has accumulated, $423.6 billion in all, remains the key bulwark
against excessive currency market volatility.

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

 Page-1- We are engines of global growth: Xi
 No rigid talking points at informal summit with PM Modi

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis
 Page-1- Three members of a family were killed following a dispute over parking space
between two brothers in north-west Delhi’s Model Town

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis
 Page-8- ‘Primacy of collegiate violated’
 Resend Joseph’s name, Cong. to SC.
 India wins admissibility argument in Mallya case
 Minor girl raped in Himachal
 Years spent waiting for RTI replies, petitioners claim

Map Practice

 Border Line btw India and China- McMahon line is a border line btw North-east region of
India and Tibetan region of China.
 This line named after Henry McMahon, foreign secretary of British India.
 Shanghai corporation organisation
 Total member → 8 (including India and Pakistan)
 India and Pakistan joined SCO as full member on 9 June 2017 at a summit in Astana,
 Headquarter – Beijing, China.
 38th parallel
 It is a border line btw North korea and South korea.
 Article 19 (Right to freedom)
 Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, freedom of media, etc.

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