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 Ambitious rural package in this Budget
 Brings in free gas connections to three crore new households,
 Free electricity connections to four crore homes,
 Two crore new toilets under the Swachh Bharat Mission
 National Health Protection Scheme, provide a •5 lakh health cover to 10 crore households, is
a much – needed social security intervention to benefit poor households
 Corporate tax rate from 30 to 25% has also been ignored, with the cut limited to mid-size
companies (up to •250-crore turnover).
 U.S. recently slashed its corporate tax rate to 21% and European nations average 20%
 Senior citizens have benefited, particularly from the tax relief
 Fiscal deficit target for 2017-18 had been set at 3.2% of GDP for 2017-18 and 3.0% for 2018-19.
 Revenue receipts in 2017-18 have grown faster than anticipated- (15% compared to 13%).
 Civil Aviation gets wings
 Centre does not consider cryptocurrencies a legal tender and will take all steps to eliminate  their use

 TV prices to rise; industry hails increase in duty
 Air Pollution in Delhi NCR is a cause for concern, special scheme will be implemented to
support Govts of Haryana, Punjab, UP and Delhi NCT to address it and subsidize
machinery for management of crop residue
 Govt. to initiate integration of B.Ed programme for teachers; Centre to start Eklavya schools
for ST population
 MSP of crops shall be increased to 1.5 times that of the production cost



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