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Important Topics(mapping)


• 1. Indus R.
• 2 Satluj R
• 3. Chenab R
• 4. Beas R
• 5. Rohtang pass.
• 6. Harike wetland
• 7. Ravi R
• 8. Jhelum R
• 9.Neelum R
• 10. Tawi R
• 11 Shyok R
• 13 Nubra R
• 15 Yapola R
• 16. Gilgit R


• Government has unveiled a scheme for protection of Majuli Island in Assam from flood and erosion from river Brahmaputra.
• It is the largest inhabited river Island in the world and India’s first island district.
• It is surrounded by the Brahmaputra River on the south, Kherkatia Suti, Luit Suti and Subansiri Rivers on the North.
• It is the nerve centre of neo-Vaishnavite culture.
• It is home to a mix of communities – the Mishing tribe, the Deoris, the Sonowal Kacharis and the Ahoms.



• India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh have agreed to conduct a joint census of Tiger
• Between the borders of India and Nepal there are contiguous national parks such as –
• Parsa National park and Chitwan National Park in Nepal are connected with Balmiki National
• Katarniaghat National Park in India is adjoined to Bardiya National Park
• Dudwa National Park (India) is connected to Shuklaphant National Park in Nepal

• Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary
• Along the Indo – Nepal border, in the district of Behraich in Utter Pradesh , India, lies a 550
sq. km. of dense Terai jungle comprising of Sal and Teak forest, Lush green Grasslands,
wetlands and swamps which are full of life.
• The sanctuary also form an important corridor of connectivity between the
Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in India and the Bardia National Park in Nepal.


• Hornbill in India
• Nine different species of Hornbill are found in India in:
• Western Ghats (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala),
• Himalayan Foothills in Uttaranchal,
• North-east India,
• Narcondam island (Narcondam Hornbill) at the northern tip of
• Andaman and Nicobar Island,
• Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal
• The Horn bill  festival was recently celebrated in Nagaland.

TOPIC-5. India and Myanmar

• The Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project.
• Yangon and Dawei





TOPIC-8 National waterways

• Jal Marg Vikas Project for development of fairway (navigable waterway) on National Waterway-1(NW 1).

• National Waterway-1: Allahabad-Haldia stretch of the Ganga-BhagirathiHooghly
river (1620 Km) declared as NW in 1986 in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,
Jharkhand and West Bengal.
• National Waterway-2: SadiyaDhubri stretch of the Brahmaputra river (891 Km)
declared as NationalWaterway in 1988 in the state of Assam.
• National Waterway-3: KollamKottapuram stretch of West Coast Canal and Champakara
and Udyogmandal canals (205 Km) declared as National Waterway in 1993 in the state
of Kerala.
• National Waterway-4: KakinadaPudducherry stretch of canals and
Kaluvelly tank, BhadrachalamRajahmundry stretch of river Godavari and Wazirabad-Vijayawada
stretch of river Krishna (1078 Km) declared as National Waterway in 2008 in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Puducherry.
• National Waterway5:
Talcher-Dhamra stretch of Rivers, GeonkhaliCharbatia stretch of East Coast Canal, CharbatiaDhamra stretch of Matai river and Mahanadi Delta Rivers (588 Km) declared as National Waterway in 2008 in the states of West Bengal and Orissa.


• Mangalajodi Ecotourism Trust (MET) has recently won the United Nations World Tourism
Organisation (UNWTO) Awards for “Innovation in Tourism Enterprise”
• Mangalajodi is a village located on the northern banks of Chilika Lake in Odisha. It
hosts more than 3,00,000 birds in its marshy waters, especially in winters.
• Due to coordinated efforts by the community the number of migratory birds in the region
has been restored since 2000.
• MET is a community owned and managed wildlife conservation venture promoted by
RBS Foundation India and Indian Grameen Services.



Topic-10 Medaram Sammakka Jatara festival

• Medaram is a remote place in the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary.
• Central government is likely to declare Medaram’s Sammakka-Sarakka/Saralamma
Jatara a national festival this year, Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary located in Eturnagaram village in Jayashankar district in Telangana, India.