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What has happened?

  • Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan today regretted the country’s decision to join America’s 20-year-long ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan,
  • By calling it a “self-inflicted wound” and a decision made for money and not in the interest of the public.

Imran khan close to decision makers

  • Imran Khan, who had long been critical of Pakistan’s participation in the about two-decades-long war, Claimed that he was close to the decision-makers in 2001 when the then military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, decided to become part of the ‘war on terror’.
  • “And so, I am well aware of what considerations went behind the decision. Unfortunately, the people of Pakistan were not a consideration,” Mr Khan said while addressing officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad.

Same situation as soviet afghan war

  • “The considerations, instead, were the same as in the 1980s, when we participated in the Afghan jihad,” he said, referring to the Soviet-Afghan war, which was then dubbed as the “holy war”.
  • “We ourselves are responsible… as we let [others] use us, sacrificed the reputation of our country for aid and made a foreign policy that went against the public interest [and was devised] for money.“
  • Calling the ‘war on terror’ a “self-inflicted wound” for Pakistan, Imran Khan said, “We cannot blame anyone else for this outcome.”

Imran khan’s sympathy towards Terrorist

  • This is not the first time that Khan has felt remorse over his country’s decision to join the global fight against terrorism.
  • Time and again, he has condemned the decision and indirectly sympathised with terrorists, blaming the West for the crisis bedevilling Pakistan.
  • Mr Khan in the past had often cited that Pakistan suffered over 80,000 deaths and economic losses of over $100 billion as a result of the 20 years of war.
  • Recently, Khan was all-praise for the Taliban after it stormed the Afghan capital and exerted its control over the country.
  • Days after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Khan heaped praises on the terror group, congratulating them on their victory and asserting that “Afghanistan had broken the shackles of slavery”.
  • In the past, Khan had hailed the Taliban and spoken in support of the terror outfit.

For dollars

  • It is his persistent praise and admiration for the Taliban which had earned him the moniker of ‘Taliban Khan’.
  • The Pakistani Prime Minister has also been persistently beseeching the western countries to grant monetary assistance to the Taliban to build the strife-torn country.
  • With the country’s Prime Minister commiserating with the Taliban, it is anybody’s guess how enthusiastic the Pakistani establishment would be to champion the cause of the Taliban.

The real intent of pakistan

  • For years, Pakistan has pulled the wool over the West’s eyes by making deceptive claims of support to its war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
  • Far from promoting western interests, it was assiduously working to safeguard, nurture and fortify the Taliban.
  • When the west finally decided to call it quits of its disastrous campaign in Afghanistan, the Pakistan-backed Taliban displayed remarkable dexterity in seizing control of Afghanistan.

  • The lightning offensive of the Taliban, the simultaneous fall of Afghan provinces, the surrender of the Afghan forces, all hint towards a mega plan hatched to lay control of Afghanistan.
  • In the current context and given their historical association with the Taliban, it won’t be a wild exaggeration to surmise Pakistani involvement in the comprehensive takeover of Afghanistan.

Acknowledged by many

  • The Pakistani complicity in fostering the Taliban was acknowledged by the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during his first testimony before Congress since the terror group took control of Kabul.
  • Blinken stated that Pakistan is responsible for harbouring the Taliban and the terrorists from the proscribed Haqqani Network.
  • It is also worth noting that earlier this month, former Afghan vice president Amrullah Saleh too accused Pakistan of being in cahoots with the Taliban.
  • He alleged that the Taliban are being micromanaged by Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency–the ISI, adding that Islamabad is in charge of the war-ravaged country effectively as a colonial power.

Imran khan on current situation in afghan

  • Talking about the current situation in Afghanistan, Mr Khan said that it is a “big atrocity” that a man-made crisis is being created “when it is known that unfreezing Afghanistan’s accounts and liquidity will avert the crisis“.
  • He said that addressing the situation in Afghanistan is important for Pakistan as its neighbour because the country could be hit badly due to the Afghan crisis.
  • Pakistan will continue to provide assistance to Afghanistan in these difficult times, he said,
  • Adding that irrespective of liking or disliking the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the world should focus on the difficulties being faced by its 40 million people.

Q) Recently, India extend the military technical cooperation by another ten years with which country?

  1. Russia
  2. USA
  3. Israel
  4. France




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