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Why do we exchange lists?

  • The exchange of nuclear installations details is a 30-year practice between India and Pakistan.
  • On January 1 2022, both exchanged a list of their nuclear installations under a bilateral arrangement – Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear Installations and Facilities 1988.
  • The agreement prohibits the two countries from attacking each other’s atomic facilities.
  • The exchange of lists was done simultaneously through diplomatic channels in New Delhi and Islamabad.

Indo-Pak Agreement

Indo-Pak Agreement

Indo-Pak Agreement

Exchange of Prisoner Detail

  • Also, on January 1 2022, the Indian Government shared the list of 355 Pakistani prisoners in India including 282 civilians and 73 fishermen with the High Commission for Pakistan in New Delhi.
  • Simultaneously, Pakistan shared with the Indian High Commission in Islamabad a list of 628 Indian prisoners in Pakistan, including 51 civilians and 577 fishermen.
  • These lists are exchanged under the provisions of the Agreement on Consular Access signed in May 2008.
  • Under this agreement, the two countries should exchange comprehensive lists on January 1 and July 1 every year.




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