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The news

The news

  • Recently, SC highlighted that cancelling three crore ration cards for not being linked with the Aadhaar database is very serious. It has been connected to reported starvation deaths in some states.
  • Aadhaar has been in existence for more than a decade and recent data has estimated that nearly 90% of India’s projected population has been assigned the Aadhaar number.
  • The Question of Aadhaar programme has been put to rest in 2018 by SC by putting some reasonable restriction on individual privacy to fulfil welfare requirements and dignity.
  • However the problems of the scheme still persist leading to issues of exclusion.


  • Unique Identification Authority of India UIDAI is mandated to assign a 12-digit unique identification (UID) number (Aadhaar) to all the residents of India.
  • UIDAI was initially set up by the GoI in January 2009, as an attached office under the aegis of the Planning Commission.
  • UIDAI now is a statutory authority established by GoI under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, following the provisions of the Aadhaar Act 2016.


  • Note:
    • Aadhaar act was amended in 2019, where GoI added provision to state that an individual may voluntarily use his Aadhaar number to establish his identity, by authentication or offline verification.
    • The amendment also stated that authentication of an individual’s identity via Aadhaar, for the provision of any service, may be made mandatory only by a law of Parliament.

The Aadhaar Project

The Aadhaar Problem

  • Getting Aadhaar
    • Understanding Biometric exceptions
    • Persons with disabilities (PwD)
    • Illegal immigrants
    • Bogus Aadhaar

The Aadhaar Problem

  • Aadhaar linking
    • Lack of awareness & exclusion
    • Technical issue in linking
    • Middle men issue
    • Lack of grievance mechanism

The Aadhaar Problem

  • Authentication problems
    • Biometric failure
    • OTP issues

The Aadhaar Problem

  • Technical Aspects
    • Redirected payments – One aadhaar one bank account
    • KYC & then e-KYC – Frozen accounts

The impact

  • Note: If you need more on this issue just read research papers by Jean Drèze, Siraj Dutta or Anmol Somanchi.


  • Supreme Court has been a harbinger of balance between the Aadhaar scheme overreach and its benefits to the poor &  marginalized in India. Examine




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