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    • A Parliamentary Committee means a Committee which is appointed or elected by the House or nominated by the Speaker and which works under the direction of the Speaker and presents its report to the House or to the Speaker and the Secretariat for which is provided by the Lok Sabha Secretariat.
    • Parliamentary Committees are of two types: Standing Committees and Ad hoc Committees
    • Certain Parliamentary Committees are appointed by the House or the Speaker or the Presiding Officers of both the Houses in consultation with each other as the case may be from time-to-time on ad hoc basis as and when necessary for a particular purpose, such as Select/Joint Committee on a Bill for example Select Committee on the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 1996;


  • The Joint Parliamentary Committees (JPCs) on special issues are constituted to investigate serious issues which have greatly agitated the public mind and which involves fraud or corruption on a large scale.
  • Such Committees are set up on the basis of a consensus arrived at between the Government and the Opposition.
  • JPC is a well known and potent investigative mechanism of Parliament.These Committees becomes functus officio after submission of their report to the Parliament.
  • The following JPCs in this category have been constituted so far—

(i) Joint Committee to enquire into Bofors Contract (1987);

(ii) Joint Committee to enquire into Irregularities in Securities and Banking transactions (1992);

(iii) Joint Committee to Stock Market Scam and matters relating thereto (2001);

(iv) Joint Committee on Pesticide residues in and safety standards for soft drink, fruit juice and other beverages (2003);

(v) Joint Committee to examine matters relating to allocation and Pricing of Telecom Licences and Spectrum (2011).


  • The constitution, composition and functions, etc. of these Committees constituted by the House through motions and laid down in the motions and in the case of Committees constituted by the Presiding Officers their terms of reference are decided by the Speaker, Lok Sabha and the Chairman, Rajya Sabha in consultation with each other as may be necessary subject to the relevant rules and directions relating to Parliamentary Committees.
  • Lok Sabha has the following Standing Parliamentary Committees with membership indicated against each. Some of these Committees are Joint Committees as Members of both the Houses of Parliament are nominated/elected to them as per rules/relevant provisions in the Acts. These are the Committees on Public Accounts, Public Undertakings,

Latest Burning Issues | Free PDF