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The News

  • Recently, Karnataka Government has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Singapore-based LNG Alliance Company to set up the State’s first LNG Terminal in Mangaluru.

Now you musk be thinking…

First LNG terminal in Karnataka

  • Karnataka’s first LNG terminal will be set up in Mangaluru in collaboration with New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT).
  • Government of Karnataka is going to investment Rs 2,250 crore to set up the terminal.This project will provide direct employment to around 200 people.
  • Note: Terminal will be set up as a part of the govt’s plan to boost alternative fuel market for achieving net zero carbon by 2070.

Other LNG terminals in India

What is a LNG terminal?

  • LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) terminal is a reception facility for unloading of cargo from LNG tankers.
  • This purpose built ports are specially used for export and import of LNG.
  • A variety of facilities for unloading, regasification, tanking, metering etc. of LNG are provided at these terminals.

What is this LNG?

  • LNG is a clear, colourless and non-toxic liquid methane which forms when natural gas is cooled to -162ºC.
  • The cooling process shrinks the volume of the gas 600 times, making it easier and safer to store and ship.
  • In its liquid state, LNG will not ignite. When LNG reaches its destination, it is turned back into a gas at regasification plants. It is then piped to homes, businesses and industries where it is burnt for heat or to generate electricity.
  • LNG is now also emerging as a cost-competitive and cleaner transport fuel, especially for shipping and heavy-duty road transport.


  • LNG & CNG are similar but their delivery and storage methods are different.
  • LNG is frozen in order to turn it into liquid form, whereas CNG is pressurized to the point where it is very compact.
  • LNG takes up less storage space on a vehicle than CNG.
  • LNG also offers energy density that can be compared to diesel.
  • Note: LNG can be converted to CNG




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