lord of the flies

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  • William Golding (His Life and Works)
  • William Gerald Golding (1911-1993)
  • “The greatest ideas are simplest.”
  • Received the Nobel Prize for literature
  • Booker Prize- Rites of Passage
  • Mother World War II Post War
  • Lord of the Flies EM Forster called it the outstanding novel of the year Readers- “forceful allegory about the EVIL inherent in the human heart.”
  • Highly successful 1st NOVEL Sold over one million copies and has been made into a motion picture

The Inheritors

  • Golding’s 2nd and favourite novel
  • Has a similar theme- Lord of the Flies
  • “Esoteric account written in simple, direct prose.”
  • Of prehistoric men who think and communicate with one another by means of VISUAL images Companion novel to Lord of the Flies
  • “Man is born evil and is destined to remain evil.”
  • Lord of the Flies + The Inheritors
  • Give clear evidence of the pessimistic view of man’s nature and his fate
  • WW2 had a tremendous impression on Golding- “The war was overwhelming evidence that the evil in man could not be easily explained away…… a hell of a lot in the war that can’t be accounted for except on the basis of original evil..”

Pincher Martin- 3rd novel (1956)

  • The story of a naval officer floating in the Atlantic Ocean after The ship has been struck by a torpedo The officer washes up onto a barren rock Where he eventually loses his mind and dies

Free Fall- 4th Novel

  • Samuel Mountjoy- Nazis- black hole He dwells on the events of his past Interior monologue

The Spire- 1964

  • The protagonist = dean of a cathedral
  • The protagonist devotes himself to the erection of a GREAT SPIRE Which is criticized by others as a folly
  • The Hot Gates and other Occasional Pieces (1965)

The Pyramid (1967)

  • The Scorpion God (1971)- a collection of 3 long stories (each set in totally different historical period- Ancient Egypt, prehistory, the Roman Empire)

Darkness Visible (1979)

  • Deals with the subject of entropy Entropy Golding’s personal life has been a quiet and stable one




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