part 2

Lord of the Flies Part 2 | English Novel | Download Free PDF

  • Who are castaways? And which are the major books about castaways?
  • A person who has been shipwrecked and stranded in an isolated place
  • Daniel Defoe- Robinson Crusoe (1719) Swift’s Gulliver Travels Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island J.D.Wyss’s The Swiss Family Robinson

RM Ballantyne

  •  South Seas
  • “Turning their island into a miniature model of their mother country.” They show no signs of denegration
  •  R M Ballantyne Romantic + Christian

How is Golding’s work different?

  •  He affirms the belief that our social and religious institutions have failed and that man is really alone with no one and nothing he turn to for salvation except for himself


Atomic war






  • The Island is not really a paradise
  • The island in the book is shaped by 2 characters Ralph Jack
  •  Lord of the Flies- Parable
  • The boys by the END have managed to destroy their island





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