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The News

  • Recently, Telangana Cabinet has approved ‘Mana ooru, mana badi’ programme aimed at all round development and creation of effective basic infrastructure in schools across the State.
  • The programme will be implemented in next 3 years with a budget of ₹7,289 crore.
  • It will to benefit 19.84 lakh children of 26065 schools.

Mana Ooru-Mana Badi

  • Mana Ooru-Mana Badi is an effort to improve infrastructure and quality of education in government schools.
  • It is an ambitious flagship programme with a budget of Rs 7,289.54 crore for next three years.
  • It will be implemented in 3 phases where a total 19.84 lakh students in 26,065 government schools will benefit from the programme.
  • In the first phase in Current academic year, the programme will be implemented in 9,123 schools where there is a high enrolment of students. About Rs 3,497.62 crore will be spent in the first phase.

Features:Mana Ooru-Mana Badi

  • The programme is aimed at
    • Comprehensive development of schools for providing quality education
    • Improving attendance of students
    • Encourage students to continue their studies for higher classes
    • Introduce digital media education in a phased manne
    • Infrastructure development in schools
      • Construct additional classrooms and take up repairs, procure necessary furniture and create better infrastructure including toilets. Power and water supply connections, kitchen sheds and dining halls, equipment for digital classrooms, compound walls and other works, also will be taken up.

Mana Ooru-Mana Badi

  • Who will monitor?
    • The district Collectors have been entrusted with the responsibility of sanctioning the works in the select schools.
    • A single agency will be appointed to take up all works in a mandal for which the district Collector will allocate works.
    • While the Finance Department will oversee funds allocation and release, the IT Department will provide necessary technical support for digital classrooms.
    • To ensure transparency and effective implementation of the scheme, the Cabinet has decided to involve local people through constitution of School Management Committees (SMCs).

Mana Ooru-Mana Badi

  • Who will monitor?
    • Funds will be released to the School Management Committees (SMCs). An alumni association will be formed for each school to involve old students in the development of their schools. These associations will have two active alumni members, two SMC members, village sarpanch and school principal as members.
    • The Social Audit Accountability and Transparency which is under Rural Development department will take up social audit for effective usage of funds.
    • Efforts will be made to pool funds through donations and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes of corporate companies.

Other decisions of Cabinet

  1. The Telangana cabinet also decided to create a new law to regulate the fees structure of the schools in the states.
  2. English medium will be introduced in all government schools.
  3. A women university and forest university is to be established.
  4. Job recruitment reservations to students who completed degrees from Forest College of Research and Institute located in siddipet district.
  • Telangana State Forest Subordinate Service rules and the Telangana State Forest Service rules 1997 will be amended
    • 25% reservation in the recruitment of Assistant Conservator of Forests
    • 50% in the post of Forest Range Officer

The Problem Area

  • Should a switch from Telugu medium to English medium be made in one shot?
    • Making the switch from Telugu to English medium is a complex task.
    • State needs to find adequate numbers of teachers who are proficient in English in all subjects
    • State also needs to make English text books available for teachers and for students.

Lesson from AP

Lesson from AP

Lesson from AP




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