Meendum Manjappai Scheme Launched By Tamil Nadu Government – Free PDF Download


The News

  • Recently, TN CM M.K. Stalin has launched the ‘Meendum Manjappai’ campaign aimed at creating awareness on the usage of cloth bags instead of single-use plastic bags.

What is Single Use plastic?

  • Single use plastic is plastic produced and designed to be thrown away after being used only once. By that definition, a large number of products fall in the category. These include everything from a disposable straw to a disposable syringe.
  • India has defined SUP as “a plastic commodity intended to be used once for the same purpose before being disposed of or recycled” in its Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2021.

Why Plastic ban needed?

What the Strategy under Meendum Manjappai?

  • TN government committee has identified the single use plastic (SUP) items to be banned based on index of their utility and environmental impact. A three-stage ban has been proposed:
    • Phase I
      • SUP items proposed to be phased out are plastic sticks used in balloons, flags, candy, ice-cream and ear buds, and thermocol that is used in decorations.
    • Phase II
      • SUP items proposed to be banned from July 1, 2022, includes items such as plates, cups, glasses and cutlery such as forks, spoons, knives, straws, trays; wrapping and packing films used in sweet boxes; invitation cards; cigarette packets; stirrers and plastic banners that are less than 100 microns in thickness.
    • Phase III
      • Prohibition will be imposed on non-woven bags below 240 microns in thickness. This is proposed to start from September 2022.

Other bans

Is it easy to enforce?

  • As plastic is cheap, lightweight and easy to produce, it has led to a production boom over the last century. But countries are now struggling with managing the amount of plastic waste they have generated.

Is it easy to enforce?

  • The government needs to address important structural issues such as policies to regulate the use of plastic alternatives, improve recycling and have better waste segregation management.
  • The government needs to invest in research and development for alternatives on priority basis.
  • We need to focus on creating cheaper alternatives and incentivizing the behavioral change for using alternatives to plastics.

Is it easy to enforce?

  • Shopkeepers are wary about the sale of cloth bags.
  • A manjappai would cost at least Rs 15, a grey cloth bag Rs 10 and a jute bag starts from Rs 40.




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