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Mini Mock

(Set – 40)

1) Ravi and Kishan start from the same point but, in opposite direction towards each other and run around a rectangular park of area 1950 m2. It is known that the length of the park is 53 m more than the breadth of the park. Ravi runs at ‘2x’ m/s and Kishan runs at ‘3x’ m/s and they meet for the first time in (103/15) seconds. How long would it have take them to meet each other if both of them ran at ‘x’ m/s towards each other?

a) 1126/11 seconds

b) 92/7 seconds

c) 103/6 seconds

d) 215/13 seconds

e) None of these

2) What is selling price of table fan it Dealer sells at a profit of 15%?

l. Dealer marks fan 60% above cost price and allows a discount of 25%. It no discount is offered then he would get 120 more profit.

ll. Dealer marks fan 75% above cost price and after allowing two successive discounts of 20% sold to Vijay, Vijay sold it to Viru for 720 and claims a profit of 25%.

Ill. Dealer marked fan 75% above cost price and after allowing a discount of 25% sells to customer. If he allows an addition discount of 20% he would get 260 less.

3) What is length of train P?

l. Train P crosses a platform of length 350 meter and train Q running in opposite direction having length 220 meter in 14.5 sec and 8.3 sec respectively.

ll. Train Q crosses a platform of length 365 meter in 29.75 sec and train P running at in same direc-tion in 50.5 sec, considering speed of train P is more than train Q.

Ill. Train Q crosses a platform and a car running at a speed of 25 m/sec in opposite direction in 26 sec and 8 sec respectively.

Bar graph given below shows the probability per cent of randomly drawing a different colour ball (Black, Red, Purple, Pink and Brown) from two bags A and B.

4) A man draws 3 balls from the bag A one after the other without re-placement. Find the probability that all the three balls drawn are not black in color?

a) 1/250

b) 229/250

c) 339/340

d) 349/350

e) None of these

5) If one ball from each bag is drawn at random, then what is the proba-bility of the event, that one red ball is from bag B and one Brown ball is from bag A?

a) 24/125

b) 8/125

c) 13/25

d) 12/25

e) None of these

7) What is the ratio of probability of drawing two black colour balls from bag A at random to the probability of drawing pink colour balls from bag B at random?

a) 14: 33

b) 104: 35

c) 14: 135

d) 104: 135

e) None of these


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