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Mini Mock

Set – 41

1) Vinay started walking towards north from his house. After 4 km, he turned right and walked for 9 km, to reach the hospital. Then he turned 90° and walked another 4 km to reach the railway sta-tion. Vishal started from his house. He walked 3 km towards west from his house. Then he turned left and walked for another 8 km to reach the school. Finally, from school, he took a right turn and walked 3 km to reach the railway station. Considering all possibilities, what can be the shortest dis-tance between Vinay’s house and Vishal’s house?

a) 18 km

b) 17 km

c) 15 km

d) 12 km

e) None of these

Ten persons A, B, C, D, E, P, Q, R, S & T are sitting in 2 parallel rows. P, Q, R, S & T are sitting in row 1 facing north direction while A, B, C, D & E are sitting in row 2 facing south direction in such a way that the distance between adjacent neighbours is constant. In given sitting arrangement each member of row faces a member of another row. They all have their birthday in May. No people have birthday on same date. Birth date of people facing north direction are multiple of 6 while birth date of people facing south direction are multiple of 5. There are 3 doctors, 3 teachers, 2 ac-tors & 2 cricketers. People with same profession neither sits adjacent nor opposite to each other. B is an actor. Person whose birth date are 30 & 25 are not doctors. Difference in birth date of C & T who is a cricketer is maximum. S whose birth date is 24, sits 2nd to the left of person whose birth-day comes at last. P who doesn’t sit adjacent to T, is an actor & sits to the immediate right of a doc-tor. Q who is a teacher faces person whose birth date is 25. In row 2, one of the teacher sits three places away from the person whose birth date is a perfect square. R sits opposite to C. Equal num-ber of people sits towards right & left of E who is a teacher. Difference in T & Q’s birthday date is equal to R’s birthday date which is not twice the birthday date of P. Difference in A & B’s birthday dates gives us B’s birthday date.

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