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Mini Mock

Set – 42

Step 1: Each such letter that is immediately followed by a special character and immediately pre-ceded by a number is to be placed immediate right of 5 in the reverse alphabetical order (from left to right). Step 2: Each such number that is followed by an alphabet but not immediately preceded by anoth-er alphabet should be written immediate right of ‘U’ in the ascending order in the series thus formed after step 1. Step 3: Each such symbol which is immediately followed by an alphabet should be written between ‘G’ and ‘7’ from left to right (1st symbol from the left should be Immediate right of ‘G’ and so on) in the series thus formed after step 2 Step 3 is the final output for the given string.

1) If all the alphabets which are followed by number are dropped from final output then, which of the following element is sixteenth from right end?

a) Ώ

b) @

c) 2

d) %

e) K

2) Which of the following element is eighth to the right of fifteenth element from left end in the final output?

a) 6

b) K

c) 8

d) M

e) 5

Twelve children, B, G, A, C, K, D, F, W, J, E, H and L, are sitting in two parallel rows facing each oth-er. Six children are sitting in each row. In one Row 1 children are facing south and in Row 2 children are facing north. Each one of them likes a different color viz., Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Brown, Orange, Pink, White, Grey, Magenta and Golden. L likes White color and the person who is facing him likes Magenta color. E likes Grey color and is sitting fourth to the left of G. K likes Red color and is sitting fifth to the right or fourth to the right of F, who is facing towards north. J, who likes Pink color, is sitting to the immediate left of H. B likes Green color and is sitting exactly be-tween C and A. D is sitting third to the left of W, who likes Brown color. F and D do not like Golden color. G likes Orange color. D does not like Yellow color. A likes Black color and is sitting fourth to the left of C.

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