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Ten friends are sitting around a pentagon shaped table such that five of them, namely A, B, C, D and E, sit at different corners while the rest- P, Q, R, S and T are seated along different sides of the table. None of the information given above is necessarily in the same order. Not all of them are facing towards the center of the table. The following information is known about their seating arrangement. A sits third to the left of P, who does not sit adjacent to E. T, who faces in the same direction as of P, sits with E and C. R and S do not sit on adjacent sides and face in opposite directions with respect to each other. Q does not sit to the immediate right of A. D does not sit second to the right of A. Not less than three persons sit between C and B when counted in any direction. No three persons sitting along the edges of three consecutive sides face in the same direction. Q does not face away from the center of table. Neither C nor E sits adjacent to S. At most four person face away from the center of the table.

“Some painters are talented” is coded as “O%5, A#4, A&19, R@5″

“Printer always tell story” is coded as “E#12, L@19, R&18, T%25”

“Take all small plants” is coded as “L@12, L&19, A#5, M%12,”

“Amit should praise Train” is coded as “R&5, R#14, M@20, H%4,”

1) What is the code of the word “STAY AWAY”?

a) S@12, A%22

b) T%2S, W@25

c) S@22, A%14

d) T@18,W@23

e) None of these

2) What is the code of the word “PACHIMPURI”?

a) A%9

b) A&8

c) A&9

d) A%8

e) None of these

3) What is the code of the word “TEDHI PULIYA”?

a) P#9, T&1

b) E#9, U&1

c) E#1, U&9

d) T@1, W@3

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