SET 54

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1.There are 2 commodities, the value of first one appreciates at a rate of 20% per annum and the value of second one depreciates at a rate of 20% per annum. If the value of second one is 125% more than the value of first one, in how many years will the value of both the commodities will be the same?
a) 1.5 years   b) 2 years   c) 2.5 years   d) 3 years   e) 3.5 years

2.In a college, 80% of the students are engineers, 70% of the students are male and 40% of the students are fresher. If 80% of Males are engineers and (100 – Q)% of females are non-engineers and 20% of fresher are Non-Engineers and P% of Experienced students are Engineers, what is the value of (Q P)?
a) 120      b) 160      c) 60      d) 0      e) None of these

3.Ramu borrowed a certain sum at 26 p.a. compound interest for one year. Sohan borrowed a certain sum at a certain rate of simple interest for five years. Each of the two repaid the same amount which is 50400. The total of the sums borrowed by the two is 71500. Find the rate of interest (per annum) at which sohan borrowed.

    1. a) 12 b) 15 c) 14       d) cannot be determined  e) None of these


4.Manish and Meena are two of Mr.Varma’s children. Manish has half as many brothers as sisters. Meena has as many brothers as sisters. Number of children Mr.Varma has is?
a) 6       b) 5        c) 7       d) 8       e) 9

5.13 kg of first quality sugar costing Rs.12/kg is mixed with 20kg of second quality sugar and a certain quantity of superior quality sugar. How many kg of superior quality sugar is used if the cost of second and the superior qualities are Rs.6 and Rs.22 per kg and the mixture is sold at Rs.15.60 per kg at 20% profit?

  1. a) 10 b) 15     c) 17     d) 20   e) 12

6.A solid sphere having radius 6 cm is melted into a hollow cylinder having uniform thickness. If external radius of the base of the cylinder is 5 cm and its height is 32 cm, find thickness(in cm) of the cylinder.
a) 1     b) 5     c) 7     d) 2   e) 4

7.A machine’s output varies directly with its input in kilos as well as its percentage of efficiency and varies inversely with the percentage of the waste material in the input. The machine produces an output of 2100kg when its input is 2400kg, efficiency is 70% and waste material is 40%. Find the output of the machine if its input is 1680kg, efficiency is 80% and waste material is 30 %( in kg)
a) 2510     b) 2100     c) 2560     d) 2240   e) 2430

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