SET 56

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Mini Mock

Set – 56

Quantity l: A man deposited Rs. 2250 at 20% per annum compound interest for 2 years. Find the difference between the amount of interest earned on 1st year and on 2nd year.
Il: A man deposited Rs. 600 at 6% simple interest for 3 years. Find the interest earned by the man.

Quantity l: Amit and Pradeep together started a business with initial investment of Rs. 1200 and Rs. 1500, respectively. After one year, both increased their investments by 24% and 16%, respectively. If at the end of 2 years, the total profit earned was Rs. 2470, then find the profit share of Amit.
Quantity Il: Rahul has Rs. 1500 with him. If he gives 24% to Vikash, then find the amount left with Rahul.

Quantity l: A cylinder of height 16 cm and radius 9 cm is painted using paint. If cost of painting per cm2 is Rs. 4, then find the total cost of painting the total surface area of the whole cylinder. (Use 3)

Quantity Il: A square field of side 42 m has been sodded at the rate of Rs. 3 per m2. Find the total cost of sodding the field.

1.Vinay and Sunil alone can do a work in ‘x + 4’ days and ‘x + 10’ days. Vinay started the work and worked for 16 days and then leaves the work. If the remaining work is done by Sunil and the entire work is completed in 26 days, then find the value of ‘x’.
a) 30 days     b) 25 days      c) 20 days     d) 24 days       e) 18 days

2.Amitesh and Bhuvan together started a business with initial investments of Rs. 10000 and Rs. 15000 respectively. After six months, Amitesh invested an additional amount equal to 40% of his initial investment, Bhuvan withdrew 20% of his initial investment and Chaman joined the business with initial investment of Rs. 30000. Find the profit share of Bhuvan out of the total profit of Rs. 6324 earned in the business in one year.
a) Rs. 2592      b) Rs. 2326      c) Rs. 2182      d) Rs. 2108      e) Rs. 2096

3.The yearly income of Manu was Rs. ‘p’ in 2015 and his income increases by 10% every year with respect to the income of previous year. He deposits 20% of his income every year in a saving account offering compound interest of 10% pa compounded annually. If the amount in his saving account in 2017 is Rs. 58,080, then find the value of p.
a) Rs. 80000   b) Rs. 75000   c) Rs. 90000   d) Rs. 85000   e) None of these

4.In a bag there are total 25 balls out of which 15 are solid and remaining are hollow. 10 solid balls and 5 hollow balls are coloured red. If a ball is drawn at random, then what is the probability that the ball is red or hollow?
a) 2/5      b) 4/5      c) 3/5      d) 3/4      e) None of these

5.Rakesh gives a discount of 20% and thus makes a profit of 20%. If due to increase in transportation cost the cost price of his item increases by 15% then what should be the discount percentage in this case it list price remains unchanged and Rakesh wants to retain same profit percentage?
a) 10%      b) 20%      c) 8%      d) 16.66%      e) None of these

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