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a)A, B and C are three numbers. Let @ (A, B) = Average of A and B, /(A, B) = Product of A and B, and *(A, B) = The result of dividing A by B.

 1) The sum of A and B is given by

  1. a) /(@(A, B), 2)
  2. b) *(@(A, B), 2)
  3. c) @(/A, B), 2)
  4. d) @(*(A, B), 2)
  5. e) None of these

 2) Average of A, B and C is given by





e) None of these

b)There are six persons, P, Q, R, S, T and U, of different heights. Who is the 3rd tallest person? l. S is taller than Q, who is only taller than U. R is taller than T. ll. T is taller than S. R is not the tallest person.

c)Six people namely, P, Q, R, S, T and U live in a building of 6 floors. The ground floor is numbered 1st and the topmost floor is numbered 6th Who lives on the top floor?

  1. There are two floors between the floors of T and U but neither of them lives on the top floor. The floor of S is immediately above Q’s floor.
  2. The floor of T is above P’s floor.
  3. The floor of P is not adjacent to U’s floor. R’s floor is not the top floor.

d) B*C means B is the son of C.

B^C means B is the daughter of C.

 B % C means B is the wife of C.

B $ C means B is the brother of C.

B @ C means B is the husband of C.

 If Q is the mother in law of S, then which of the following expression is definitely true?

  1. S * U ^ Q @ R
  2. Q % R * S ^ U
  3. U * S % R * P @ Q
  4. S ^ R % P $ Q
  5. None of these

e)Seven persons P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are sitting in a row facing north. Each of them has a different age (in years) among 28, 32, 35, 41, 50, 55 and 75. The following information is known about them,

– The one, who is 32 years old, sits third to the right of T.

 – Q sits adjacent to T, who does not sit adjacent to R.

– The average of ages of P and V is the age of T. U sits second to the left of T.

– S sits adjacent to the one, who is 32 years old but not P.

– R and V are adjacent to each other.

– The eldest and the youngest persons are sitting adjacent to each other. Neither P nor S is the eldest or youngest.

 – The one, who is 75 years old, is not sitting at any end.

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