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  • Ten friends M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are sitting in a row facing south then who sit second to left of T? l. Q sits second to the right of S, who sits third to the left of V and N sits second to the right of R, who sits second to the right of P. ll. U sits third to the right of M, who sits immediate left of Q and O doesn’t sit at any end of the row. S sits third to the right of R, who sits second to the left of N. Ill. V sits second to the right of M, who is third to the left of U. N sits immediate left of S, who sits third to the left of V and O sits third to the left N.
  • Seven chairs are kept in a ground at different points. Point A is 5 m to the south of point B, which is towards the west of G. E lies to the north of G, and is half the distance away from G as G is from B. F lies 10 m towards the west of mid-point of E and G and is towards the north of H. Point C is 10 m away from both E and G, but not at the same line passing through Both E and G.

1) It is given that, point H is to the south-east of point A, and point C is in south – west direction of point E. If the chair kept at C is moved in south direction such that it is placed in east direction with respect to point B, then what is the direction of this chair which is moved with respect to chair at point H?

a) North

b) North-east

c) North-west


e) None of these

2) If it is given that, the distance between the chairs at F and C is 14 m. The chairs at E and G are moved towards south and north direction respectively, such that, the shortest distance of C from both the points becomes half than before. And, then chair which was initially at G, is moved in west direction and it reaches at H, where it is now placed. Determine that, by moving how much minimum distance can the chair at H, be moved at the point C?
a) √205

b) √232

c) √204

d) √26

e) None of these

3) The chair kept at point E is moved 10 m to the east direction and then, on moving further 12 m towards the south, then, chair at point G becomes to the west of the chair moved. If H is to the east of the mid-point of A and B, then what is the distance between the mid-point of B and G and, point H.
a) 1.025 m

b) √10.5 m

c) 10.5 m

d) 5 m

e) None of these

  • P, C, D, K, S and R stand in a row facing towards north direction, not necessarily in the same order. After sometimes X, the physical education teacher comes and asks the six of them to stand in the increasing order of their height from left to right.
    1. C shifts three positions to her right. R shifts three positions to her left.
    2. Position of D before shifting is same as the position of S after shifting.
    3. One of them does not change his/her position. Height of C is more than the height of D and less than the height of S
    4. R shifts to the right of P after shifting.
    5. P shifts to her left after shifting. K’s height is greater than R.

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