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1.There are only six members (A, B, C, D, E and F) in a two generation family. Only married couples have children. How E is related to B?
Statement l: A’s wife’s only brother’s father’s daughter-inlaw is F. D is daughter of C and sibling of B.
Statement Il: C’s husband’s only son’s wife is F. A is married to D.

2.There are five cars (A, B, C, D and E) which are running at different speeds. How many cars are slower than car B?
Statement l: Car A is faster than only car E. Car C is slower than car D. Car B is not the fastest car.
Statement Il: Car C is faster than car A but slower than car B. Car D is the fastest car. Car E is slower than car B.

X%Y means X is north of Y
X#Y means X is south of Y
X@Y means X is east of Y
X$Y means X is west of Y
X*YR means X is midpoint of vertical line YR.
X! YR means X is midpoint of horizontal line YR.
X#@Y means X is south east of Y.
If biker presses his dipper twice, then he will take right turn, and if he presses for once, then he will take left turn. There are some points in different directions. O!LS. L is 10m$O. M*SP. P#@L. A biker moves 12 meters from point Q in east direction to reach point M. Then he presses his dipper twice and moves 8 meters to reach point P. Then again he presses his dipper twice and moves for 5 meters to reach point R.

3.What is the direction of point R with respect to point S?
a) South
b) North
c) South-west
d) North-east
e) Cannot be determined

4.What is the shortest distance between point P and point S?
a) 14 meters
b) 16 meters
c) 20 meters
d) 22 meters
e) Cannot be determined

5.What is the direction of point O with respect to point M?
a) North-west
b) South-east
c) South-west
d) Northeast
e) Cannot be determined

6.What is the shortest distance between point Q and point R?
a) √107 metres
b) √109 metres
c) √113 metres
d) √127

7.There are six lenses (P, Q, R, S, T and U) which belong to different companies among- Nikon, Canon, Konica, Ross, Topcon and Sony, but not necessarily in the same order. All of them have different powers (in diopter) among, -6.00, – 3.50, -1.50, +0.75, +3.25 and +5.25, again not necessarily in the same order. The power range varies as -6.00 < -3.50 < –
1.50 < +0.75 < +3.25 < +5.25. Power of lens R is 2.5 diopter more than the power of the lens T, which belongs to Topcon. Power of lens which belongs to Ross is 2.0 diopter less than the power of the lens P, which belongs to Canon. Power of lens S, which belongs to Sony, is either highest or lowest. Power of lens U, which is not the highest, is more than the power of lens which belongs to Nikon. Sum of the power of lens Q and the lens which belongs to Konica is at least -2.75 and is at most +2.75 (including +2.75) diopter.

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