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The News

The News

What is this Molnupiravir?

  • Molnupiravir is a repurposed Covid-19 drug, originally developed to treat influenza.
  • It is meant for mild or moderately ill Covid-19 patients who are at risk of developing serious illness.
  • The pill, if administered during the first 5 days after contracting the infection, has the potential to prevent serious illnesses.
  • The pill is among the first few therapeutics now being deployed for treatment of Covid-19. Molnupiravir was first cleared for use in the UK in November 2021 and later on in USA and India.

Is Molnupiravir safe?

Concerns around Molnupiravir are based on two observations.

    1. Low effectiveness
    2. Potential side-effects
  1. Molnupiravir was found to be only 30% effective in trials, much lower than earlier indications.
  2. Apart from that, there have been worries over its side effects.
    1. How Molnupiravir works?
  • The drug molecule incorporates itself into the RNA of the virus and induces mutations in it to hamper its replication.
  • But this carries the risk of introducing mutations that can make the virus stronger and more dangerous.
  • In fact, a bigger worry is the risk of the drug creating mutations in the human DNA itself…!!

If concerns are there, Then why approval?

  • The concerns highlighted were already considered by the drug regulators. These risks are very low by all accounts. The prescribed five-day dosage of molnupiravir is not considered large enough to pose any serious health concern.
  • In fact, there are several drugs for other diseases in the market that pose similar kind of risks. Those drugs are frequently prescribed in specific situations based on the clinical assessment of the patients, if the benefits from the drugs are considered by the doctor to be outweighing these risks.

So what’s the status?


So what’s the status?





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