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The News

  • Recently, the Tamil Nadu government has released a policy specifically aimed at ensuring the well-being of children across a range of indices such as health, nutrition, and access to schooling.
  • The government said the policy aims “to create a bright future for its children, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” for them.

TN – Already ahead of national average

Guiding Principles

Vision & Mission

Focus Areas/Strategy

  • Life, Survival, Health & Nutrition
  • High priority to investing in first 1000 days of children
  • Address key issues of feticide, child mortality and morbidity
  • Strengthen public health system & strengthening anganwadis
  • Continuous improvement in neo-natal care delivery and child health
  • Timely interventions & complete vaccination
  • Encourage and support focused behavior change at household level

2. Education

  • Facilitation of the holistic development of children
  • Provision of a safe, secure learning setting that ensures the physical, mental and emotional safety and well-being of the child.
  • Access to a formal school within their neighbourhood for all children
  • Increased access to free, equitable, inclusive and quality education in safe schools
  • Foster equal opportunity, treatment and participation
  • Prioritization of access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) & Digital education to all children that is safe, enjoyable and age appropriate.

3. Protection

  • Strengthen and sustain community based mechanisms to protect children from all forms of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, neglect, denial and online), discrimination, exploitation, violence etc.
  • Zero Tolerance to any form of violence against children
  • Introduce and adopt child protection policy in all panchayats and urban bodies
  • Form Internal Complaints Committee in all schools
  • Strengthen existing child protection systems
  • Awareness campaigns on all forms of violence against children

4. Participation

  • Ensuring that children are apprised of their rights
  • Promote linkages and strengthen platforms for children to express their opinions and needs
  • Promote and strengthen respect for the views of the child, especially those of girl children
  • Building a strong partnership with CSOs, INGOs / NGOs, Networks, Corporates and Academic institutions
  • Creation of Bala Sabhas in all Gram Panchayats




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