reform in Indian judiciary

New Judicial Reforms to end Repeated Adjournments explained – Free PDF Download

Judges to get Red, Green and Orange Signal for number of adjournments



  • As part of the government’s ease of doing business reforms for the justice system, judges will receive green, red and orange indicators representing the number of adjournments they have given in a case.


  • This move is intended to bring more professionalism and accountability to justice dispensation, and a violation will be recorded and used while deciding the elevation of judges.
  • The government has also updated the case management system used by courts across the country.
  • The software will now track the performance of the judges and will raise an alert when a violates the three adjournment rule.

Present Rules:

  • According to the rule notified earlier, judges cannot give more than three adjournments.
  • However, this rule is hardly followed and has added to the pendency of cases.

Huge Pendency of Cases

  • A 2018 study done by Niti Ayog states that there is a backlog of 2.19 crore cases, and at the current disposal rate, it will take 324 years to clear pendency.

Action Plan:

  • Mr Barun Mitra (Secretary, Justice) Stated that a green light would indicate that the matter is listed on the same less than three times.
  • This feature will first be implemented in commercial courts throughout the country.


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