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•With a long coastline and vast continental shelf, India is endowed with rich marine fishery

• Inland fresh water bodies like rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs and tanks are potential
zones of fresh water fishing.

• Potential of fish production from marine and inland sources has been estimated at
4 million tonnes and 5 million tonnes respectively.

•Fishing has assumed much importance in view of the rapidly increasing population, increased
demand for organic protein, huge export markets and depleting land resources

•To ensure safety and hygiene at fish handling and distribution centres, Food Safety Department of Kerala government have launched an initiative named ‘Operation Sagar

• Formalin is used to preserve dead bodies and prevent its decay in mortuaries.

•The widespread use of the deadly chemical nowadays in the preservation of fish, fruit and
other food items is posing a great threat to public health.

•When the food safety officials initiated Operation Sagar Rani across the state, out
of 405 fish samples, six contained sodium benzoate which is a preservative that can cause cancer.

• presence of the chemical substance could cause gastroenteritis as well as
cancer. At the same time, the ice they seized revealed high dose of formalin.

What is formalin?

Formalin is derived from formaldehyde which  is a known cancer-causing agent. It is used to
preserve bodies in mortuaries. It can also increase shelf life of fresh food.

•While formalin can cause nausea, coughing and burning sensation in eyes, nose and throat in the short term, it can cause cancer if consumed over a long period of time.

 Why is fish laced with formalin?

Fish is a highly perishable commodity. If it isn’t maintained at the proper temperature of 5
degree Celsius, it gets spoilt. To avoid that and increase its shelf life, the sellers now use
chemicals such as formalin and ammonia.

•If the point of sale is far from the place of catch, formalin is used as a preservative.
Meanwhile, ammonia is mixed with the water that is frozen to keep fish fresh.


•marine fisheries- govt is providing subsidy to poor fishermen for motorizing their traditional craft .

• considerable infrastructure facilities for processing of marine products have got

• Government has been implementing a scheme with an objective of providing
infrastructure facilities for safe landing and berthing to the fishing vessels

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