Pakistan Releases National Security Policy. What Will Be It’s Impact On India? – Free PDF

The News

  • Recently, Pakistan PM Imran Khan launched the country’s first-ever National Security Policy 2022-26. The document provides an insight into overall vision and direction of Pakistan’s national security.
  • The 110-page NSP document will remain classified. But a shorter, about 50-page version of NSP is being published.
  • NSP 2022-26 has been framed after seven years of rigorous analysis and diligent, with references to India. Pakistan’s National Security Division led the consultations to frame the policy.

Some Pointers to Observe

  • Kashmir issue not a major point
    • Kashmir merits only 113 words and is among the smaller segments in this plan document.
    • There is no demand in the document for the reversal of the 5 August 2019 changes made by India in the status of Jammu & Kashmir.
    • “Pakistan remains steadfast in its moral, diplomatic, political, and legal support to the people of Kashmir until they achieve their right to self-determination guaranteed by the international community as per UNSC resolution”.

Some Pointers to Observe

  • What is the focus area then?
    • The emphasis on the economy is the main bedrock of national security for Pakistan.
    • It clearly shows that, Pakistan is hurting economically, with internal instability and global indifference.
    • The document has emphasis on emphasis on the economy, threat from sectarian strife and internal separatist movements.

Some Pointers to Observe

  • Conspicuous absence of USA in policy
    • When you start reading the foreign policy section you will see Afghanistan, China, India, Iran and you might think for a moment that this is a straight alphabetical listing of the countries that Pakistan considers important & expect to reach “U”.
    • But this list ends with Iran, to be followed by ‘Rest of the World’.
    • Pakistan’s current reality with USA is that Pak-US relations are largely located in counter-terrorism cooperation.

Some Pointers to Observe

  • Reference to India
    • In reference to India, policy says that, prospects of violent conflict have grown over time. There is more than one reference to the ideology (Hindutva) currently ruling and driving India.
    • NSP warns that Pakistan is committed towards defending its territorial integrity against any military misadventure.
    • It also referred to hybrid warfare, saying its is an evolving concept having expanding and blurring boundaries.

What’s the take here?

  • Pakistan is hurting..!! It is looking inwards as its economy is in shambles. Its politics and popularity have derailed domestically as well as globally.
  • Globally it is isolated(barring its relations China). With reference to India it is realizing it needs to maintain peace.




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