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The Political spectrum


Origins of the terms


• From French revolution- seating arrangement of ‘Estates General’

• Those who were pro-change/ prorevolution sat on the left

• Those who were pro monarchy and pro king sat on the right Individual liberty and Power of Government

Who are the Left?

• Liberals

• Socialists

• Democrats

• Communist Pro Change and Liberal

What are their policies?

• Equality in society

• Separation of religion and state

• Central planning

• Govt intervention in economy (Keynes)

• Welfare state

• Protectionism – Anti free trade

• Progressive views in matters like same sex marriages, abortion, immigration

• Against death penalty

Examples of Left

• Indian National congress – Centre left

• AAP – further left of centre (more than INC)

• Communist parties: CPI,CPI(M) – Far left

• USA – Democratic party (Hillary Clinton)

• UK – Labour party (Jeremy Corbyn)

Who are the Right?

• Conservatives

• Nationalists

• Republicans Social conservatism and Economic liberalism

What are their policies?

• Limited role of government in people’s life and economy

• Nationalism

• Personal freedom of people

• Religious conservatism + tradition

• Equality for all – no special protection to minorities

• Support for Religion

• Less regulation of economy – private sector promoted fo Examples of Right

• BJP – Right of centre • Shiv sena/MNS – Far right

• USA – Republican party (TRUMP)

• UK – Conservative party (Theresa May)

• Germany – CDU (Angela Merkel)

• UK – UKIP – Far right (Nigel Farage)

• France – National Front – Far right (Marine Le Pen)


• Middle ground

• Compromise between left and right wing views

• Moderates

• Issue based view- left or right Example- Liberal Democrat party of UK

Unique Politics of INDIA

• Congress brought in LPG reforms of 1991 – Right wing??

• BJP continued with all socialist policies – Left wing??

• RSS – Anti FDI, Anti Capitalist, Pro Labour rights

• Parties espousing socialism – BSP,SP, JD(U),RJD – not liberal/Left in all aspects

• Coalitions! Ex – JDU & BJP in Bihar till 2013

• Indian politics is too diverse to label the parties

The Nature of Left & Right

• Changes with Time

• Relative to other political party’s ideology and policies

• How they define themselves

• To suit present day trends of politics

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